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"For web sideloading: simply upload the new zip file and your Playdate will automatically patch the game." I can tell you that it does not work in this way if you downloaded the game originally before February of 2023. 

I felt like Bloom was a big breakout hit for the Playdate in that it was one of the only worthwhile homebrew games that could compete quality wise with the games available in season 1. I felt justified in paying $10 for this game with compelling characters and story. That was at least until I got to the ending. The game builds to what should be a grand finale and yet falls on its face with a rushed ending that in no way closes out the story arc for any of the characters that have been introduced. You really get the feeling that the developers ran out of time as the ending of the game was being made. I'm very disappointed in this game and no longer believe it's worth the $10 it goes for. 

My wife finally did it!

Hello, I don't have any SID's inserted, I'm just using the built in FPGA SID and only 1 of them. I did however reinstall the 3.10a update and sure enough, the game works now! 

I'm on v1.41 and 3.10a firmware 

Hello, I have been running it in PAL mode. I am running the digital version, but from a USB drive. I've tried all kinds of settings changes, but can't seem to get it to work :/

Loved playing this game on my C64 Maxi. Was finally happy to play this on my Ultimate 64, but when I select Start Game from the main menu, it goes to a black screen and nothing ever happens. This happens with both the regular crt image and easyflash image. Unfortunately I can't play this game anymore :(

My wife is addicted to this game! She wishes when you got a yahtzee though that there would be a celebratory jingle or graphic.

I'd love to see a full version! It's one of my wife's favorite games. 

Wonderful soundtrack! I have to agree with rumblerumble though, it would be nice if we had an option for FLAC tracks as well as the metadata for title, track order, album art, etc. Really annoying to have to manually process this so it plays right in my music player.  

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I think this is an amazing port, but it felt like it plays too fast for me on my TheC64 Maxi. Also the controls didn't feel the most responsive, needing to hold the direction on turns otherwise it didn't register. Maybe I'm just new to Pacman? I know the sound effects didn't sound accurate to me, but I'm wondering if that's just the SID chip?

Just started playing through this game recently and came across this point in the game. I'm curious is the dialogue supposed to say, we're in another world, or we're on another world? 

I have been loving this game on my TheC64 Maxi. Haven't beaten it yet, but hoping I can soon. This is currently my favorite Commodore 64 game. 

New version is definitely a lot tougher. Instead of dying around level 25, I now die around level 6. 

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Quite the enjoyable title though I feel it's a bit on the easier side and could stand to be a little more difficult. When playing Columns on the Genesis, the game ramps up speed much much sooner.