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Bradley oxley

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like getting a way bigger belly by hyper cumflation and hyper pregnancy, and I mean super huge. So more cum or fluid on virginal, anus or oral and the more babies in the womb during pregnancy the bigger the belly can get and I mean the belly can go hyper sized. I wished rahimew can add something bizarre but insane like nipple fuck and breast pregnancy if you and other guys saying this idea is insane then I agree. 1 more thing I wish would be added is a experimental growth drug which can be found very rarely in the medical, what this do is able to grow boobs and cocks, making them bigger, the biggest size breasts can get is j cup and for any penis 50cm let's not forget the thickness growth(but and thighs), the thickest can get is 200% thick.

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spell it so(magic pun) and I can spell myself for "huge" assets not just on myself but for my lovers as aqua milky.

I've noticed another update came in so can you show a clue/hint or 2 for extreme code would you kindly? I've tried to find a code what I'm looking for v1.06 but it's hopeless, can you help pls 馃檹?

like hyper breast/cock growth and hyper pregnancy ideas from me and some people around us? Like how to make hyper breast and cock growth work is, no clothes at all because 1. No upper and lower clothes can fit and 2. Underwear won't fit too, 3. For hyper pregnancy to work the belly needs to be exposed not blocking it however no clothes on also works. Anyway how's your day and progress on next update.

P.S. is hyper breast, hyper cock and hyper pregnancy will get no love at all when lust doll+ is fully completed? (No room left to update)

I've noticed the update added and it's looking better and fun, anyway when I play this game on crafting thing when virus, bacteria and parasite are equipped with bioweapons as weapons and outer and inner cells as armor.

what if pathogens including huggy had their appearance change when equipped with weapons in their hands and outer(and)inner cells as armor on their bodies, for example virus girls looked spiky when equipped with spikes. Awesome results st hotdog king and keep up the "biological fun" get it? (Biology pun)

I'm meant that in hyper pregnancy and hyper cumflation for the game, you know what "spice up something" means add something extra or new on the same thing.

Rahimew, since you added new socket and npc slavery as well new cock and body skin patterns . When are you going to spice up some things like cumflation and pregnancy expansion on every npc in the game by belly?

Jackie boy do you know the extreme code for v1.05 Android? I'm trying to find some help , but some guys are hopeless because they never tried v1.05 yet. Can you help pretty pls 馃檹. 

how to make Edith fall for lust doll, let me guess it's about a locked room in the 1st floor, right side of the mansion, as for Marin like doing more maid like challenges to make her fall for lust doll. What if this game is updated to have every character in the game to react to lust doll what type of species he or she is, like for example, lust doll species name would be breeder in the species name just imagine cute, blushing reactions from others like fawn, cassie and bell, let's not forget perverted looks from rinny too.

When I play this game by browsing the mini game I can play on Android is memory card and it's frustrating like really mad the other mini game is maze it requires a keyboard to play it which I only have Android. So skip gameplay, instant skip gameplay should be nice and I got no ending at all, 1 reason on memory is she's too darn smart. Forgive my frustration and all, so can you make a new game for Android, it has to be touch-screen worthy and easy enough for everyone, not rock paper scissors nor memory either you know how quick frustrations in some people like me can trigger at any time ether soon or way sooner, something all about taking action instead of testing brains. Just imagine in a battle against a dangerous opponent is too aware or too smart to be persuade or sneak attack him, himecut what you will do on this situation? 1 try talk your way out of this or 2 take action and fight.

Would you kindly tell me the code for extreme content pls?

Did you know a way how to remove cursed equipment and where are pregnancy related cursed equipment, can you add a function to find captured allies on where they are captured.

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I know what will happen when girls catch you, I would be dumber then a dung beetle if I don't know that, second of all that was off subject about night 3 story mode(supposed to be talking about). Anyway the girls got new skins and sadly some got removed, 1 chiku skin is based on 1 youtuber mastermax666 and also infected and infected nude skin.

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Ok about the debug/cheat feature, what if npc creator and npc editor was added? Npc creator can create any character you want, ether be inmate, nurse or a guard, can be created just like you create your own character you play as at the start of the game, npc editor can customise characters ether created or encountered, imates, nurses and guards we encountered appear to have colour's and patterns as well boob, penis and thickness measurements at random, sometimes random is never good at all like can't find proper females and herms with biggest measurements(you know what I mean).

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like love and breed slaves(private dungeon)/ repeat opponents(desert arena and island)to battle again so on so forth?

like how so 馃 , I looked some comments from other people saying about hyper cock and other things, I mean some kinks not getting enough love for this game like hyper boob, hyper cock and cumflation let's not forget hyperpregnancy to lust doll and other lovers. So remember newt the salamander girl from Sunshine, how were gonna see  her again and win her over again. So any luck about Sammy, linlin and Arlene story route. 

Jashinn it's a pleasure to meet ya. So i tried this game but there's 1 problem, when I try to attack i have to press 2 buttons instead of 1. the attack button should be 1 instead of 2, like for a example press and hold to ready to attack then release to attack. Nice game by the way.

So what else can you add and improve, completely finishing the tower reclamation project from Linda's lab, fixing the desert maps to buy from Sunshine and find the ancient springs for bell, or spicing some kinks up a bit.

Any ideas to Make it even more better and fun馃槒.

I apologise for the offence but still, when i play this game if I got stuck it really frustrates me like really bad and I have start over because of no back button to exit out of something like pause menu and battle choices to save progress before jumping on what started. So like I said I'm sorry but still.

you're not wrong there, that's why shemales deserves a anal womb. Really wished each character can be customised slightly and some characters like rahi and tavi carry or learn the same breeder and fertility skills just like the player.

without pause, back and cancel buttons in game for gameplay and battles it will cause frustrations to every player who plays this game will eventually got stuck with no back or cancel option to choose a different option. 1. Ether add those or don't put Android for this game at all. 2. No pause, back and cancel buttons in game equals android unworthy think about it.

Rahimew, so this game has shemales has no pussy at all but what about they can get anal with womb. They can get pregnant just like herms and females. Any ideas about giving a proper penis for the demon species instead of flared penis, my idea for a demon penis is to make look like a tentacle.

Dicpic, it's a pleasure to meet ya. Anyway I purchased and played this game on Android but there is a small problem, there are no on-screen button to pause and save and no back or cancel option in battles when on touch-screen, some systems are too evil to Android these days. P.s. is there repeatable pregnancy and birth scenes in this game? if not can you add it on the next update?

Any hope of putting Android for this game?

Ok I really wished pregnancy can still happen though boob expansion and ass expansion. But what if there was 2 expansions at once or better yet all 3 at once in both chapter 1 and 2, let's not forget chapter 3.

It's a pleasure to meet you, anyway I looked at this game and it's nice about very pleasing expansions and all since there are boob, butt and weight gain expansion, what about pregnancy expansion. Looking not pregnant at all on stage 1 but grows every time with each level up, so look like not pregnant to normal pregnant to hyper pregnant. What do you think, ps pregnancy is my favourite kink.

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Ok so far of what we know, on night 1 no signs on frenni's body except being lust-crazed, on night 2 chiku behaved(and looked) like a yandere that we have to stay away for our lives and hers. Tangle from the comic, when she's gonna be added for arcade mode? What's gonna be on night 3? Fatalfire any ideas how bonfie or fexa look like on night 3 story mode?

So what if there was a super secret device or item which is really(10 times really) hidden in the game that adjust the bodies of other characters(characters like rahi, tavi and jacki only), for example change breast size and cock length as well as thickness, let's not forget changing colours or patterns. Thinking about making a sequel of this game or updates to add.

So rahimew any news i hope about new updates.

I noticed you made a new game, it's biologically tempting(pun馃ぃ).  Ok there are few things I have to say when experiencing this, so you play as a parasite who went inside a nurse is unlucky enough to get infected by the patient which is infected and controlled, battle system is a little hard getting used to but I manage just fine, the white cells (which you battle against) defend the body from you, lust attacks is the only way against other cells and unfriendly viruses, when you defence break the cells they become easier to impreg or devour them, the cells become infected cells when you impreg them twice, what happens when you impreg infected cells? So enemy cells got defence debuff when defence break kicks in, what if lust attacks and defence break are non-lethal no matter how low the enemies hp especially 1 hp?

Monster box, answer me this: is Ari the wolf the Bloodmoon Ari? If yes what's the mystery behind her. Why does she wear a eyepatch, maid gloves and maid knee highs to hide her other self? In game you have to keep eye on her to stop her getting closer, I'm I right about this strategy, what happen if bloodmoon ari can be stopped by a closed doors?

based on hyper pregnancy and hyper inflation.

It's a pleasure to meet you monsterbox, Bradley my name or call me boxley if you like. So much to see in this (once I had a computer) game. So have you try going big like fatalfire (creator of fap nights at frenni's), made 2 official comics, can you try make a comic based on in-heat which you made, it's alright if you can't. My honest opinion to every girl in diamond strats, Sammy is bold and dominant, poppy is a little wild but she needs emotional and mental support, Nile is beautiful but needs affection and attention, misty is cute despite being the smallest of the rest and her sharp teeth(because she is a shark), ari is pretty with sexy maid outfit and tough with a sniper rifle in her hands but soft deep down not to mention her bloodmoon secret, finally Maddie is motherly by looks and nature with massive breasts and big hips, just imagine Maddie becoming a real mother.

That my thought about them and I always have heart for them despite their beauty and their flaws and we love them just the way they were.

Have any of you heard about the new official comic by our role model, fatalfire. This is all about our favourite chicken girl, chiku. Chiku says about everything is a-ok or that she thought, when she can't help but stare at the microwave, when it's done she gone insane like scared and distressed like it's being controlled, similar to part 2 of night 2 story mode. Whoever hurt chiku like that is getting me really mad like this>馃槨. Is ether phone guy or springtrap like figure that messing security cameras, ether being sneaky or hide itself like a coward. Whoever it is can't hide forever, don't ya agree everyone. P.s.(it's for fatalfire to answer this question) how's your progress for night 3(it's about avoiding bonfie or fexa) fatalfire.

It's been a while since my last comment about this game. Ok about the hyper belly added to the game on the next update, just in case you forgot, the more cum(virginal, anal and oral) or babies inside when pregnant, the bigger the belly size. In case you don't like the idea just make it in the form of a mod. Take care rahimew.

try whenever and whatever you can with steady pace.

Ok i have a idea for a proper cock for the demon race, that would be tentacle like for a demon cock, what do you think everyone and you rahimew. Ok idea no.2, what about adding bird like species called harpy or avien, new bird body parts like bird head(with a beak), bird cock for futas and males, bird legs, bird tail feathers(normal,swallow and peacock), bird head feathers(normal,cokatoo and peacock), wing arms(covered in feathers with no flight just arm shaped, because that would be cheating in combat and escape). Rahimew do you like those ideas? Just let not just me for everyone to hear and know.

OK i successfully get every single girl(including the new girl) up to level 7 and pretty much it, nothing else to do. So can you like add something to well make things more productive like having all girls crank up to more than 7. On level 8 is about to experiment on a different scale like for example Lucy and averire finally have boob growth spurt and the challenge is two coloured pieces required as well enough points. On level 9 every girl in the game become part breeder cows (Chloe give birth and become breedable again) only when level up to 10 (that's when all girls become your wife's) get them pregnant and help them give birth and all over again as well milking them as much we please. Ok some girls are compatible to 1 coloured meteor piece, what about colour bonus point feature added to make any experiment game a little easier and can we have hard difficulty add too, there was easy and normal difficulty. Anyway keep up the good milkwork(pun). Sorry about this comment to be very long.

Galatase, it's a pleasure to comment with you. Anyway I love the look and mootastc game get it? Ok I've got 2 questions about it, 1 what other use for jugs of milk from the girls besides getting enough to unlock other girls. 2 will there be pregnancy and birth features in the game if yes that'll be milky sweet, if no that's gonna sting in ma cowbells(pun). When each girl(level higher than 7)in the game is pregnant(fertility experiment or purchase with milk jugs)with every successful game attempt(enough colour rocks and points collected) their pregnancy goes up to the next stage, at the final stage, birth scene and then you can do it again, simple as wash,rinse and repeat if you like. Why not add hard difficulty, that'll make expansions little quicker and bigger if successful and pregnancy growth and birth trigger. Love your game and keep on moo-ving.

Yo indivi, did you looked at 1 of my comments about me getting the first dose of vaccine against covid19 and what made me felt from it's side effects?