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erm new to this jam... can we use assets we own? as long as we start now during the jam or does it need to be from scratch?

im pretty new at this bro xD

thanks il join :)

hay guys im a beginner and a casual looking for a discord to chill in and chat with ppl while working in this jam xD

hay just curious I didnt see anything stating it needs to be a 2d adventure can I go 3d and use some models and animations I have ?

Thanks :)

We still looking if anyone is keen :)

Hay guys and gals we are looking for a 2d artist to help design backgrounds, 2d platforms, items and characters for our 2d adventure concept 

Dont be shy new and exp artists welcome :)

hay all as the title says we are planning on going a 2d design route using UE4 and are in need of someone to help with designing / laying out fun and exciting levels with traps, enemies, pickups and puzzles etc.

All are welcome please dont be shy at all!

Thanks :)

hay thanks for the msg...the project will depend on the theme for the game jam when announced but we have a nice size team and plan to adapt the theme to include a story and adventure/ quest and to include cut-scenes that expend on characters and the story in general... are u up for the challenge :)

you welcome to add me on discord to chat further Spartan#2492

hay all, we looking to strengthen our team by adding a writer to help guide and advise on story, lore, quests or puzzles depending what ever may come up with the theme :)

It's a new team of members looking to expand on their experience and portfolio....

 New or experienced writers welcome!

Hay thank you so much, really like what u sent me :) would be very keen to work with you, how do i contact u? or if you have discord please feel free to add me Spartan#2492

Thank you!

Hay guys and girls as the title says our team is looking for any Voice Artists looking to join a fun team and help out with narration / Character voices.

Add me on Discord Spartan#2492

Love the energy man! il DM u :)

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Hay all i have a team comprised of a composer, sound effects designer, and Unreal Programmer... looking to add a potential level designer and 2d or 3d artist to help with UI and asset design.

We are a highly motivated but extremely chilled so fear now about any pressures :) newcomers are more than welcome please dont be shy! and anyone who wants to have fun and grow in there field... we are a team at the end of the day :)

Message me thanks! the more the better!

Cheers from South Africa ^^

what are the rules relating to assets, do they have to be made by the team or individuals? are you allowed to used purchased assets or for this game jam do they need to be 100% made during the jam itself?  thanks :)