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oh ok got you thanks for the reply 

Sorry for this but if this is 3 are there other games prior if so do you have links?

I'm very interested in  progressing through the story it looks like you've got a good one to tell. I also wanted to compliment the way you have made the eyes look they are incredible.

Thanks Bunches

Hey there, 

I'm very interested in this but was wondering is there anything with additional info on the RO's like names, species, genders? I'm sorry in advance if it is listed, I didn't happen to see it.

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Hey all,

I'm just starting this VN and I apologize in advance if this is written somewhere I was not able to find it. Are Axel and Dom a poly only romance or can they be pursued separately?

That's GREAT!!! thanks bunches for the reply

I fell in love with the demo and had to pre-order.  I can't wait for the full release, that said is there an estimated release date?

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If you are using the itch app to launch the game try to open it through your web browser instead

I've been so excited for the release and thank you for your work, is there a walkthrough available or do you plan on releasing one at some point?

Oh good I thought the same I just wanted to make sure thanks