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Love the VHS tape effect, title and the pixel demons! I think I hit space bar and then I couldn't move, then seen at the top of the screen the message system in place and was able to continue afterwards. I feel off the screen when I ran too far to the left, but some of the collisions were there to keep you in-bounds. It was fun to spam punch them all back to hell from whence they came.

Thanks for the comments, Broken Shotgun. Totally agree with all your points. I wanted to set up a mini-map, routes, cars, more stuff to interact with, and fix that awful steering. I simply ran out of time during the jam, due to other things that needed my attention or attend that weekend. I probably wouldn't have still got all those things worked in with a clear schedule, but I would have added a mini-map and fixed the steering at least. Though, with a clearer schedule, I would have sought out to join up with a team. Thanks for taking the time to give it a play and post some comments.

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Sorry gozz. I was using the desktop app for installation. I'll go back and unzip the file rather than relying on the desktop app to install the game and running it through the app. Thanks for the reply! The game looks really cool and I love the art style!

I am able to download the game, but it fails on the installation.