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this is SOOO good ??? i loved the dynamic that my mc/viel/caine all had, and the stat raising mechanic is so fun !!! hella dnd vibes lmao. also the entire journal is vv nice but esp the mysteries section, a lot of ifs dont have a mechanic like that and im soooo bad at remembering details like that lmao. cant wait to see where this goes !!!!! :]

i rlly loved silver thread a lot so i was super happy to see theres more w these characters !!! this game was super nice n like cozy yknow ?? loved it !!! :]

OBSESSED with this game !!!!! the customization was super fun !!!!!! (and the fact that the customization actually Affects thing is so cool, i made my demon a punk guy and tommy was like "little conspicuous dont you think" which i thought was funny asdklasjf) but the writing is super funny, esp the interactions between the demon and tommy, and this whole game is super super charming !!!! so excited to see more !!!!

that ending !!!!!!!! holy shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways love this game !!! all the LIs are super charming and lovable and i really really adore aarya as an mc, super intrigued about everything and everyone and holy shit that ending. super excited to see more !!!!!!

as someone whos half filo and loves mythology and IFs this is super exciting to see !!!!!! ur writing is so good and its also really exciting that theres a poly route !!!!!!!!!!!!!! also ik other ppl have said it in the comments but this is def pretty similar and just as good as atoc :] hella excited to see more !!!!!

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love this game sm !!!! the writing is great and funny and kept making me smile :] and i rlly rlly like how ash feels like their own fleshed out character while also having customizable traits ash is suuuuuuch a good mc. ive only gotten one of the endings (spoiler: it was the bad ending w/ paris getting stabbed and i honestly have NO idea what i did wrong LOLLLL so if anyone has any insight thatd be appreciated) but i cant wait to check out the other endings :]


tysm!! im glad someone pointed out the mori/vitas thing adkjaklj i was waiting for someone to catch that

yes!! someone playing this game who actually knows what skyjacks is!! ty for saying it still has the vibes of skyjacks while still being its own thing lol thats Exactly What I Was Hoping Itd Be Like

tysm for playing!!

ahh ty!!

hell yeah trans rights!!!!

n ty for playing!



oh i love this :')

this is so cute!!!!! i liked the dm & polites a lot theyre both vv cute

this is????? SO good???? i love siruud's/mc's dynamic so much its Very Good. i also ended up getting the scene where siruud helps mc w/ their sensory overload and thats just??? so sweet ohmyGod

and also i just rlly appreciate that they/them pronouns were an option

the writing is so good?? this whole game is just hella good my man

i, too, am gay and like pirates

anyways i just???? i just love this so much????? this game is just so wonderful!!!

was that the sherlock bbc music during one of the dates?? because the timing of the music was seriously hilarious, it made me chuckle

anyways, awesome game with lots of character, and i personally rlly liked the narration


also, great game!

hey this is SUPER cute!!!