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I found this game to be the most creative with the Profectus engine. This game was really cool and was fun to play. I think the two things that are needed for this game is a tutorial and a game over screen for when you get soft-locked when losing.

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This game is slow and the game itself is fine but damn you have some TOUGH competition in this game jam. Most of the games in this jam have shown me unique things that I had no idea Profectus could do but sadly this is the one game that I feel didn't do anything crazy. I will say though that I might not got as far as you wanted me to. I only just unlocked every upgrade in the second row on the cycles. 

Really liked this game and scratches the incremental/tower defense itch that I've had for a while so thanks for that. I do have a few complaints tho. 1. I think one of the researches in the future should be a speedup option. This is something that's annoyed me with games like Bloons and this. A 20-minute game for such little XP for the match itself would be helped by a speedup option. 2. The beginning without reading the description is a bit confusing albeit definitely a me issue however but a simple tutorial message at the beginning might be nice. If you do make one you should also add the fact that there's a hub that way someone doesn't think the game has no continuous game loop. Super fun game though and thanks for making it. 

I thought the idea was really good and the presentation was good but the gameplay was super basic once you figured out that putting all of your code into functions was the best. The gameplay loop just became clicking 2 button, investing wisdom (with only 1 choice), repeat. I do think with content updates and changes to the core would make it a really good idle/incremental game.