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So much creep.

More much please. ;P

IMMURE community · Created a new topic More Please?

I remember playing Clair awhile ago. I loved that game despite its short comings.

This reminds me so much of it. Fingers crossed you can avoid the same pitfalls.

Thank you so much for taking those things into account.

And yes i still the the robot is nice. Hes just a little slow. ;P

Keep up the good work.

Beautiful but pixel hunting is never fun.

Still looking forward to the end product.

Probably one of many playthroughs. ;P

thumbs up

Ah the nostalgia this game brings back.

I cant wait to play the rest of this when it comes out.

A very interesting game. A little more polish and gameplay this could be darn good.

Very interesting game. Id love to see more of it.

The quality of SCP games just keeps going up. It was my honor to give this a play.

There is no way im just stopping with this. ;P

Why do my dogs keep getting lost in the sewers!!!

Well gave it a try at least.

This was fun to do voices for.

I love me a metroidvania. ;P

Um .... more ..... Lots More! ;P

This was a really interesting visual novel. This a perfect medium for short stories.