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This looks awesome now I'll have to develop a game before the end of October with it!

Hey I know I uploaded the wrong project I haven't come back to this yet.

lol no I have not submitted mine yet, most likely last minute or Friday hoping to get most of it done by tomorrow so I can figure out how to compile it for being able to be played on the computer and Android.   I'm using libGDX and native code so it's been a lot of work getting most of the code for my idea to work with the only 2 color aspect.

I did find out how to play your game by maximizing the screen, which also shows the how to the one level when the floors fall threw me off for sure.  I couldn't get past it tried 3 times then decided to code some more, next you need to add monsters unless there are some later in the level that would make it epic!

Oh that was why I was confused, I thought the light throwing concept was determined by how long I held the mouse down and where I placed it.  Again awesome concept, I did notice the UI but that's stuff that can be worked on I'll have to download the game to check it out more once the jam is done.

Awesome concept I can see huge potential with this, I only played the first 3 levels I'll check out more 1 thing I did get confused about was how throwing the light worked otherwise still awesome concept!

Thanks I sort of answered my own question while writing it once I understood that there was a theme involved lol

Eh so I'm wondering if it's alright to write the idea of my game before it starts, I've been thinking about the game more and more lately but want to write it down lol.  I know most jams allow this but maybe that will be hard with the theme aspect.  Thanks

This is superb, I watched your guides all the way through and just sent you a nice donation!  I definitely think you should have made this a paid game but maybe others will think it's worth the price too!  Keep developing this, found a couple issues but nothing major (stuck on trees) which is still awesome!  You have done an amazing job RyiSnow thanks for sharing your knowledge!

This looks awesome!

EH IT'S RELEASED!  It is currently only on Android but I'm able to port it to iOS as I used libGDX as the back end!  Let me know what you think!

Awesome thank you!  I credited you in the description just released the game in Alpha today I'll share once it's available! :D

Eh I purchased this about a year ago and finally designed a small rage style game with some of the assets!  Can I post the game on Google Play of course crediting you as the original designer?  I didn't see anywhere stating use cases don't worry it's not the game shown below lol I'll share the alpha if you want to contact me privately.

Take care!

Did you just copy and past the libGDX Koalio game?

The idea is there, I made it out of bounds in the top left corner lol.  The controls need worked for sure it was hard to play otherwise again the idea seems cool.

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it !



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For those that don't know how to install .apk files, it'll ask you to go to your security settings to allow you to install from unknown apps to play this game!  I hope you enjoy, and have fun killing all the bombers while trying to survive!! DON'T BE MEAN I HAD TWO WEEKS HAAHHAHA  this was fun!

Can you make the buttons a bit bigger idea is really cool but sort of hard to play using a 6.7 inch screen.  Otherwise again the game play idea is strategically hard which is good!

More of an arcade style high-score game but still alright highest was 15.

Sweet DOOM like game, I was watching a video about DOOM then searched out 3D games LibGDX on Google and came upon this awesome piece of art!!!

Well that sucks a lot!  I'm highly experienced with Android what changes blocked you from this?

2 More days & I just couldn't go on this game is creepy AF!  Idk why this game reminds me of what life would be like after life!

I am a Java developer & wanted to make a game for my GB.  This is epic, I have yet to deep dive into it but played through the default game & wowza!  I can't wait to see if I can write this to my carts that I got from AliExpress using my GB Operator!  Noicely done!

Ha this is noice!  Doesn't remind of PKMN at all ;) so cool!

I wanted to share my progress, all using my own custom game engine that I'm developing alongside supporting your assets!  I would love to see more of this pack it's really cute and awesome!

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Awesome pack, the anims one needs fixed the girl sprite facing up on one of the frames sits inside the frame above a bit.  Otherwise awesome pack, I can't wait to see what I come up with game wise 😁

Hey I'm doing a series teaching game development in Java using these assets!  Wanted to share we're at Part 7 as of today, I also editted some of them so there's water animation, attack animations & more!  Love your style!

Hey trying to figure out the sprite animation here's what I have so far

Hey I found this pack based off a game I play & plan to develop something using these.  I am planning to edit some of them as well and will credit you when the game becomes available!  Thank you much for your great art skills I can't wait to start developing something awesome!

I purchased this while at work, I can't wait to show you the first level via Android using my custom game engine!  Can't wait to see more!

Awesome!  Do you enjoy the artistic side more of game development?  

Do you have a game plan for these?  I'm looking for a new idea for a game to develop & this caught my attention.