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wow, i thought this was dead

thank you


For some reason when i run the game the text in the text based scenes doesn't render properly and just looks like white rectangles

when i run the game it gets stuck on a black screen and I have to log out of my computer to get it to go back to normal

this current iteration of the story is the best so far, it flows great and while it feels like some things are introduced too quickly the plot explains why things are happening so quickly

this was a great prequel, i hope there will be a sequel.

in the latest update were the "and I don't want to spend 200 plumes on a pair of glass thongs" sandals known also as flipflops because the other kind of thongs would not make a lot of sense

does it being put in a collection called sequestration series imply there will be sequels or other games in the same universe?

i love the story but at the same time this is the only game or anything I've ever seen or read that has made me feel sick to my stomach, not even the strongest rollercoasters in Universal, Disney, or knottsberry farms.

What is Mary's last name?

It's quite fun but the game crashes if you try to run a code thing while the 1st line is blank but lines after it are not and I just lost all my progress.

i loved the new host music added, he's my favorite composer and his planets symphony is one of his best works

this was a great vn i would say more words of praise but I don't know what to say other then its really really good.

when it was mentioned how pandora labs sort of began in the late 1800's it immediately made me think of CTR the computing, tabulating, recording company which was a merger of 4 other companies which then later became IBM.

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the acronym for the game ylp is pronounced UH-LU-P its a silent y. also it would be cool if in the conversation part of the GUI the names changed every time, so when it is drawn the names are randomly selected from lists of names that are remotely similar.

the rewrite is great. its plot makes a lot more sense than before but is also more immersive. I can't wait for more

I love all the classical music used in this VN le Cygne, and possibly czardas to name a few that I immediately recognised from two set violin

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I recently finished TJ's route and I feel an indescribable feeling of ¿numb entropy? this is one of the games where I need to do every route but at the same time with each step, it chips away at my soul. I had a hard time in the very beginning when everything was mostly fine and I didn't know what was really to come that I would regret playing the game or just general dread and foreboding.

Just finished the good and bad Leo endings. it's a shame that they could not get things to work out but the good ending is a lot better then the bad ending. I hope that the other endings shed more light on what the ___________ keeping you from leaving was or what was the ___________ that attacked the bear guy in the mine. also the route left me questioning if it was Chase that killed Sidney or was that only part of the TJ route but it seems like it was.

i just played this as much as possible and its a great game. it really blends the RPG elements with the VN elements greatly.

I love this game's soundtrack. And how/if was the dependence on fossil fuels and global warming solved?

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doese this take place similaly to a place called home because in one scence there is a sign that is the title image for this VN

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great VN and this line was hilarious

the town of echo reminds me of a combination of Oklahoma, big bend national park, and Arizona.

the discord link is either broken or its a problem with me

work in progress but dont let that stop you from playing it

the start menu music is very crackly but other than that it was a perfect game

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this VN gave me a existential crisis over


the part where you have to pick who's path to go on and it was a good cry but I am having a hard time enjoying the rest of the novel after crying for 5 minutes and evaluating and criticizing my life and then it just ended so soon afterwards like a slap in the face but its still a great VN and I hope that the author will work on it more soon

this game is great so far but I hope that there will be updates