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Unfortunately I don't speak French, but your video still made me laugh. A lot. Thank you :)

Hi Nanaki254!

Thanks for the video - it was a good watch :)

The version available here on is an older build (pre our Greenlight campaign) and doesn't have all the latest features included in it. We're currently working towards our Steam Release which does include all the features mentioned, such as firing, smart bombs, a big improvement on the visuals and even the introduction of bosses.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and (fortunately) the criticisms you had are all addressed already - most notably the "twitchy" handling.


Hello il signor M!

The version currently available here is a reasonably odd build of the game. Since this build was uploaded, we went through Greenlight and are currently working toward a release of Lost Wing on Steam.

You'll be glad to hear that the risk/reward balance is much more finely honed now, and there are alternate ways to build up charge. On top of that, there has been a sizeable upgrade to the visuals and there are additional zones and bosses now too.

Thanks for playing!

You were just... steering challenged :) New version now available!

You'll be pleased to hear that the next version we're releasing is a little easier ;) Thanks for the vid!

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Hey Señor Banana! Thanks for linking the video, it gave us a good laugh :) Glad you enjoyed playing Lost Wing - we're already working on some additions and a tutorial to explain some of the more subtle points of the gameplay.