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OK/Normal was interesting as a ps1 inspired game. It reminded me of the works of Osamu Sato more specifically LSD Dream Emulator. What is great about this game is that 98Demake has let us interact more with one of their works. As someone who has watched a lot of their content, I can certainly approve. I found that the ps1 feels were pretty well done. Especially, the tank controls which is reminiscent of the original Resident Evil. I'd say overall it was good.

This is was pretty interesting as a Junji Ito fan game. It was the perfect the perfect lenght. The ending was fairly interesting. It left me with many questions and I find such charm wonderful.

I was probably too quick for the in-game characters. Also, this game has a nice 007 vibe to it.

This was a nice throwback to the n64 days. I am currently planning on playing every title that you've developed.

I see what you did there.

The game was good as a showcase for indie games. I'll definitely try out the indie games featured in the virtual showcase. I wasn't expecting the ending, to be honest.

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It was fun to play. I wonder what other kind of projects that you're planning on making in the future?

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This game was fairly interesting as a horror concept. What I've enjoyed is the following, that we're able to keep playing checkers. Despite the fact, that we aren't capable of stopping what's to come in the war. It gives a sense of hopelessness. I hope the old man can find some peace of mind.

A sequel? That's awesome! I wish you good luck in developing the next title.

This was a pretty cute run & game about Santa Claus. Back when I first played, I've had enjoyed it. If there was a sequel to it I'd play it for certain.

This was a nice recreation of the original creepypasta. Replaying this was quite nostalgic.
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I enjoyed the small lesson about being careful about what you wish for. Papercookies in the near future  I plan on playing your other titles. Thanks for making Metamaze.

The game was fairly interesting. One thing I've enjoyed is the twist ending. It became more unsettling as the tension was building up. The game leaves with questions about the outside world beyond her apartment.