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i have no idea how coding works and i cant understand what i am being told i tried to build and run the game but it keeps sending out the error C:\Users\Arnoh\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\gb-studio\.itch\temp/lcc81.asm:6: Error: <q> missing or improper operators, terminators, or delimiters, terminators, or delimiters                                                      i tried checing for solutions at                   and i was told 

On macOS if you’re having trouble building or running your game you may also need to install Apple’s Command Line Tools by opening Applications/ and entering the following command.

xcode-select --install

On Windows you may need to whitelist the application in your Anti Virus software to perform a build.    now i am on windows but i still want to try apples command line tools but god if i dont know what or where applications/ is it probably does not even exist on windows idk i am not a programmer  and i think it is already white listed and besides i am sure witelisting something on my anti virus has got nothing to do with operators terminarotrs and delimiters so help me pls

yup i would like to know about when the nex update is to