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bowl of ricee

A member registered May 20, 2017

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That's great! Looking forward to the final release then!

Are there any chances you will develop this game still? It's super awesome and I'd love to play the full version.

Great game. Pretty similar to Mirror's Edge, but without the bull crap talking. Surely will buy the game when it comes out. Just one little thing that would be nice is a dot on the middle of the screen so I know where I'm looking. Seems pretty stupid, but it helps. Keep up the good work.

Great game! I've barely played it for 20 minutes, and the QR code puzzles really suprised me. I've never seen anything like this before. It's games like these that I come for to Great work Wolod!

Please develop this game further! I played it for barely 7 minutes and finished it, but I already love it.