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can ya play?

noice. lots of spammers?

Nerd Pacman Speechbubble GIF - Nerd Pacman Speechbubble Above GIFs

what helps?

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i have a similar kd lol

only bc my low res forces me to fight mid to close range.

at least i stand my ground and have dignity (unlike high regen or speed ppl who always scamper away) 

half and hour for only 100 coins 💀

leather lamellar

blade and arrow tests, paracord stops a round bodkin from penetrating holes(weak spot), tested at 3, 2, n 1 feet 


"lil incident"

blud was persecuted for using a vpn 

idk how you can be allowed to ban someone for using a vpn breh

idk banning someone for vpn is kinda messed up


i wonder if you can hacc in priv squads

also maybe try a vpn for now

bit too extreme, extended cooldown better. plus these are weapons, they are made for fighting, should not be weakened by dmg prot by significant amount (except for weapons like katana bc they have low durability and subpar steel). 

repairs being expensive only enables spammers and put people like us at a disadvantage 

plus if such thing is applied to melee, bows must need repairing too, and buying arrows. 

maybe only sickle breaks   

wth ok that's corrupt but sound about right

chill players having fun get banned but not ones creating hacks

what happened my guy?


also what his gf gonna say?

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he a football player though 

i boibowwing instead

bruh HE SAID 4-5 for a DOLLAR. 360 divided by 4.5 is 80, minus 20 cost is 60 dollars. so he SHOULD make 60 dollars assuming he sticks to his original idea

well uhh 15 is a 25% of what projected income should be. so 75% income missing is kinda a bruh moment

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time consuming and marketing may not be effective (might bargain or not trust you)

def W

if 5 pieces for a dollar that's a 52 dollar income and 4 pieces makes a 60 dollars

yoooo lessgo

i needed this for so long

well i wear fearless with fitting parts for drip lol

y naked

lol it's actually good

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not a trap is the point

the taylor swift team?!

who dat


upvote dis one so i can ratio aspect 

a man gets killed by a wizard and you thnk dat of me? no aspecc, i am da wizard!

nah mine's better (it's a gril)

drip check series concept i came up with a year ago. decided to put it in action. I will be doin other ppl skins and my other skins.

nah i got asian parent yall just gotta stand ur ground

bruh it's fine i be posting ac origins

haha really cool all the old guys are comin back