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That works for me, thanks so much!

Should you ever want to build a Linux version I would be all too happy to test it for you.

Fair enough, but I am a big fan of Bad Toys and would enjoy the nostalgia trip otherwise.

Any chance you could backport it into this demo? I probably will not play otherwise. I am on a laptop and rarely bother plugging in a mouse.

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Would you be able to add a "classic" mode where you can turn using the arrow keys and use doors with the space bar like in the original game? I do not want to play this using the mouse at all.

There was actually an earlier attempt at this idea.

Reminds me of the Adventure Time character.

So like CC0 or CC-BY?

"Game over. Santa is dead."

Delicately put.

So not quite libre yet unfortunately.

I actually do use Linux, I was just curious.

Would be kinda fun to make Windows users run it through WSL. :-P

I kind of admire it, but why Linux only?

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Delighted to hear that! Thanks! I hope the game does well.

I just ran the Windows executable through Wine.

I will not buy this game on Steam, but I was planning to on here. I would also accept getting on GOG.

Are the graphics and sounds also under the MIT license or just the game code?

"Your application is built to load COOKED content. No COOKED content was found; This usually means you did not cook content for this build."


Nice polish. Would like quickload though.

"This character sprite has a royalty free license. Meaning, you can use this character sprite for both personal and commercial projects, as many times as you want. Giving credit is not necessary but would be appreciated."

So essentially the same as CC0?

So basically CC BY?

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So basically under CC0 or CC-BY?

So basically CC-BY then?

In terms of those two terms mentioned, they seem compatible with the CC0, as you do not mention needing credit. Would you agree?

Works for me on Firefox.

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It is literally the same game. It became Dread Templar when it was picked up by a publisher.

Just kinda amazed how many Catacomb homages there have been the last five years.

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Also available from

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Oddly enough does not Wine properly for me on Fedora. The old Windows version never did either. Should try building it from source for Linux one of these days. Would not mind the original Linux executable to try on my retro Red Hat Linux computer either.

I ran it through Wine on Fedora Linux without any issues. Primarily having programmed in BASIC derivatives myself (Visual Basic, QBasic and Gambas rather than Blitz) made me inclined to check this out. Main thing I would consider is adding a health bar and projectiles to dodge.

Always an interesting style for a retro FPS. See also....

Eh, close enough to warrant mentioning.

Nice set of levels for Cube

Mine too, so rather nostalgic to see someone else's

Cute little target game