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Bovine Softworks

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I ran it through Wine on Fedora Linux without any issues. Primarily having programmed in BASIC derivatives myself (Visual Basic, QBasic and Gambas rather than Blitz) made me inclined to check this out. Main thing I would consider is adding a health bar and projectiles to dodge.

Always an interesting style for a retro FPS. See also....

Eh, close enough to warrant mentioning.

Nice set of levels for Cube

Mine too, so rather nostalgic to see someone else's

Cute little target game

Okay, this was actually kind of funny

You could try a live distribution like Knoppix to test it on Linux.

Would save you the trouble of actually installing it.

Arrow keys ala Wolfenstein 3D would be good too.

Is there a way to save either in-game or between levels?

Looks kinda like No One Lives Forever

Hey, is this another Catacomb 3D inspired game like The Vigilance of Nephthys?  It is rather reminiscent.

I realize it misses the point, but any chance there could be key binding to play this like a normal shooter?