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Wow! This was a joy to play. The mystery and riddles were puzzling, so it was very satisfying to figure them all out. I'm a big fan of Layton games so I'm immensely glad I found this!

Super fun game! Incredibly charming and interesting experience, the mystery and investigating we had to do was thrilling. The story was great and I even screamed out who I thought were the culprits. I was so surprised at who really did it at the end! Overall, really great and would recommend playing.

This is so charming and lovely, it was quite enjoyable to play! The art, story, and atmosphere was just stunning, and I'm just so curious to find out what happens next. I can't wait for the full game!

Such a heartwarming and cozy experience! I loved the quests and character's stories, especially the warrior one. It was just so sad! I'm nearly finished with the Mystery of the Frost storyline which I'm really enjoying so far. And I almost forgot to mention how great the art was! Beautiful and immersive world to play through, thank you for making this game!

What a fantastic game! The art style was so pleasing to the eye and the storyline was integrated so well. It hits quite close to home too. I had thought I was trapped in certain areas but turns out I just couldn't find the ladder, haha! Such a stunning game with a wonderful storyline, will recommend to a friend. <3

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I love the game so far! Immersive visuals and plot really keeps the game going, although I encountered a couple of bugs. One where the flower/coin counter textures are overlapping with each other, and second when entering a building the character and black door frame textures overlap, causing some z-fighting. Overall though this is really great game. It was cool to see some Stardew Valley art in there too, which I'm sure is changing in the future. Looking forward to future updates!

Quite enjoyable to play and visually stunning with your gorgeous illustrations which really immerse you in the experience. I really liked the character designs and the facial expressions are great. For your first game, this is spectacular!

This is amazing! I super duper love the art style and I like where the story is going so far. I like the combat system too and looking back at the page I had no idea you can tame those brown plant things! I really like this game so far so here are some changes I would make for it to be better.

  • Maybe change the font to a pixelated one? Like when you input your character name it uses a pixel font
  • The character portraits? I know it's just a kickstarter and I do think it's gonna change in the future, plus with your amazing art style I'm sure it'll look spectacular in the future
  • Like the others said I got lost in the town and often ended up where I was before
  • I think it would be best if it was open world instead of being forced to go somewhere. The text, "you cant go there right now" sound out of place so maybe just add some barriers that will unlock or can be destroyed later on as you progress

Overall this game is fantastic and I hope that you'll be able to finish and release this game in the future. Best of luck!