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Nvm i got the trick and finish new game plus in 3h 29m 46s, the end wasnt that intuitive but overall this was one of the most creative idle games ive ever played! Great job.

Edit: since then i got Forbidden library to 100 and sacrificial pit to 50, i entered the gate of hell but it asks me to "try harder cuz killing a few epople wont be enough to go to hell" but i cant seem to progress further.

Ok, so im on new game plus, i got every building to lvl 100 except Forbidden library (at lvl 85) and sacrificialbpit (at 43) also i can deal around 5e15 dmg and get 2e23 items with Transmission from nothingness, i got the true philosopher's stone and my qquestion is, how can i progress beyond that/beat the game?