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The game does not pass the "Start" screen.

Lembrou muito o estilo do Duke Nukem, ficou bem legal, pena que não tem muita história, poderia ter opção também pra jogar como um policial.

Hi! I played for Firefox and then Chrome, I will try for Android when I can.

When I open the game on a very wide screen the dialog box arrow follows the size, but the text box itself does not.

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One of the most beautiful games I've ever seen.
You really knew how to use Rpg Maker without seeming to be.
I loved the style of the gameplay.
The graphic style was too beautiful.

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Thank you for commenting.
There will be no sequencing, I started to develop games and systems soon.
I remembered that I had this project and I decided to correct some errors and publish without expectation.

In the first enemy, when I defeated him he fell back, where the tree was, and caught in the frame "falling".
He did not disappear and the screen did not follow, and when he was go to try to hit it still receive score (infinitely).