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aaa thank you so much!!

glad you enjoyed it! thank you!

sorry i didn't see this comment for so long! it should be fixed now

NAMI THIS WAS  SO GOOD!! your characters and writing for your games is always so charming, and the fact that you made all of the art, story, and music by yourself for this and it came out so well is really admirable, you're so talented!!! keep up the good work ^___^

aaa thank you so much, i really appreciate it!! ;w; and i'm glad you liked it! i have like... 6 other games i'm working on right now haha, so i'm definitely going to release another one soon!

hi!! oh wow, that would be so cool! that doesn't bother me at all, go right ahead!

and i'm glad you liked it! please let me know if you need any files or anything ;u;

I'M... SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT OMG... AND THANK YOU!!! ;___; you're such a big inspiration for me when it comes to making games, so it really means a lot... and i am gonna die if you do fanart oh my god. BUT YEAH OMG THANK YOU AAA!!! ;w;