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Amazing Game! Loved everything about it. Reminded me of Undertale. Take care.

Love it

Liked it alot - great game :D Great idea!

Love the idea :D Great stuff! Awesome job.

That's amazing. Thank you so much <3 I tried to tone down the effects a little bit for the last build.

Thanks for the comment :)

Haha xD I will probably put down the difficulty again. I think it's still too unfair.

Thanks - I think so too. I'm glad you liked it. It was my first game jam so I wasn't sure if it is a standard thing to do. We just added this as a team without thinking too much about it. I will make sure to always add the context of a jam game in future :)

No :( it was a bit buggy for me but I like to test a functioning version.  

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Thank you very much! I just checked out your project aswell.  I can imagine it how it would be finished. Cool stuff. Actually I think the pixel art is good - who did this? I am working on a bigger project with a small team and we are still looking for a dedicated pixel-artist. It would be magic/fantasy heavy, a medieval village kind of setting (16px base). If interested: bonez#6183 on discord) :) Have a nice day!

Ok... this is awesome! Great Job. I wrote my name  first  like three times just  for fun xD Love the title drop.

That  looks amazing!  Will test  it later :D

This looks amazing. I will test it later after  finishing our project ^^