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always neat to see a new bugulon game

what I like about these kinds of games is that once you have mechanics you can make as many levels as your imagination provides, which is why you can make a great and polished game with THIRTY LEVELS in THREE DAYS like holy shitake mushrooms

take Kirby's Dream Course (one of my favorite classic games of all time btw), but make it Team Bugulon masterpiece, and make it even more difficult and unfair (in a fun way)

speaking of difficult and unfair I got all the trophies yay me

can't wait for this game

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Amazing game. Aside from the whole "make a platformer but easy mode" thing I found this really fun to mess around with. Customizing my preferred controls was fun, especially with juice, but cranking everything to the maximum or minimum is fun too. And playing through the whole course as the platformer gods themselves is great.

Thing I thought of while playing as Madeline: a "one level, multiple characters" game would fit really well in a jam, and even one of your older jams (2019 I believe) had a amazing winner with a similar concept. Maybe "one level" could be your next jam theme! I know I would have fun playing a bunch of games in that style. I'm sure you'll think of something better in time lol but it would be cool

side effect of not dying: you can stand on the saws in the last segment which has some really funny side effects

a good shoot-to-move shmup game? only team bugulon :)

being nitpicky, although I felt like it was supposed to be replayable, I didn't really feel like it sadly

ffs this game is so HARD

fun though

a few thoughts

the bosses are WAY harder than everything else, especially the last one

a few more checkpoints might be helpful - I often fell in a pit trying to get a secret or something and having to spend ten minutes getting back

huge Yoshi's Island vibes, especially in the first two worlds (not a bad thing AT ALL)

just as polished as the rest of your games! shame this wasn't in a jam.

keep creating team bugulon, you're one of my favorites

very nice sequel! I remember when you guys released Tricky Keys in 2020 and how blown away I was. this feels like that all over again. while the two games take completely different approaches they both work really well. add more levels some time!

gotcha, I thought the locked levels signified that more content was being added

also I found this because I like seeing the finished versions of jam games I enjoyed playing

honestly I'm kinda upset that I'm too stupid to find the password since I loved the jam version

is this procedurely generated?

really hard! took me almost half an hour which made the discovery of debug mode extremely satisfying

I really love how the levels are named and how you execute them as parts of commands. Not only does it force you to acknowledge the level's name, something I don't often do as someone who plays a lot of browser games, but it's also a nice save system. During level B I accidentally hit the reload button instead of my 3 key (because Chromebooks I guess) and lost all my progress, but I was able to remember the name of level B (which I won't say here because spoilers) and got back there no problem. I greatly appreciate this system and I wish all similar games worked like this when feasable.

Great game too, pretty fun for a game with such a high wpm requirement

really beautiful game; all it needs is some bullet time, better jump physics, and maybe some teleport-to-projectile mechanics

genuinely the most unsettling video game I've ever played. was not a good idea to play this before bed LMAO

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very accurate to castlevania: you literally need to draw a map in order to get anywhere in late-game

and the music is absolutely maddening ffs (in a good way though)

I'm malding at level 35 but otherwise great game

murder but it's GOOD and FUN and COLORFUL

tried this with a trackpad and didn't think much of this game. I got a mouse recently so I tried it again. And I was not disappointed. stellar game

rule #1 of the modern rage game: controls must be really difficult to master

rule #2 of the modern rage game: level design must have a lot of falling back down points

rule #3 of the modern rage game: game must be masterable (i.e. minimal randomness, consistent controls and level design)

now I know the controls are random every time but come on I think this fits the rage formula

I'll try to keep this short lol it's a convoluted setup in words (spoilers!)

You should see a passage leading out of an impossible wall and think, "how do I get up there?" That's where the sushi is. Go to the bottom of the level with the two guards. You should be able to bring one with you by positioning yourself on the button. Position the guard on the side of the impossible wall, and stand on top of it. Get the other bottom guard out of sight so it doesn't get in the way. Jump as Edna, then quickly switch to the guard and jump, then switch back to Edna and jump off the guard. You should clear the wall this way. The game will ask you to do it again later, but it's much more obvious.

Also if anyone has a clip of them doing this trick with two guards (i.e. triple jump) PLEASE show me I have been trying for half an hour

parking fury, but it's five times sillier in every way

everything from the animations to the music to the immaculate puzzle design screams polish and makes this game legendary

I swear everything you make whether it's music or programming or GD levels is amazing and I'm a huge fan

is it even possible to get three stars on all the levels? I barely managed one!

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I was going to write a whole comment about how The Almighty wasn't possible for reasons that none of you get to hear anymore but it boils down to me misreading the description of Nidhogg

This might be my favorite jam game ever. The story is really cleverly worked in for a game with no dialogue boxes, as you start as a lowly intern and grow stronger and possess cars and fight the... leader of China and destroy gods and become all-powerful. I mean wow. The bit with the plane is really clever and took me a minute to figure out. The strategy with which abilities you get is really neat, although Rally/Conquer, Boost, and Close will get you through basically all battles before the last few. The bit with the planets is awesome in every way; playing as Youranus is the pinnacle of gaming. Playing as really random things like street signs and doors is also really funny, especially since I fought The Almighty as a printer. And finally, this game is not only massive but massive and polished and I'm shocked that this wasn't expanded in an update because there's no way this was made in 48 hours.

Congratulations on making the most mind-boggling jam game of all time. Universal Thief deserves every second I'm putting into writing this. Which is a lot of them.

And while I was writing this I had possibly the dumbest question ever: What are The Almighty's pronouns?

great game, three things though

-I'm aware from reading the comments that there is an ending, it just took a little too long to get to for what this game is

-Make it a little more obvious that you're supposed to sacrifice your crops! I saw that in the help listings and had no idea why I was supposed to essentially delete my inventory

-Maybe turn the grid into just numbers? (So b1 becomes 4, b2 becomes 5, c1 becomes 7, etc) The two-part coordinates were really hard to parse and I often found myself harvesting column 1 instead of 3

Otherwise a really special game, would make a great idle game even on mobile

Unrelated, what does outofcontrol do? Couldn't figure it out whether it was with empty tiles, fed and unfed seedlings, or fed and unfed crops

did this get an update? I feel like there was more content on the revisit

cool game too, deserved the feature

everything gets progressively more stupid and I love it

also I too am ambidextrose

very much did! Please extend

a bit too hard for my pea brain but otherwise pretty fun

the music sounds right out of a kirby game

two things:

-I tilted my head a lot

-The puzzles are very brute-forcey, especially the last few

otherwise pretty cool

see that's a funny joke whether you thought of it or not

Finally beat it lol, no gem faces as well

my mistake! got mixed up :l

great job to all of you though I played all of the top 20 and this was easily my favorite

unplayable for me, looks cool though

just realized guy with the Mike Tyson voice has a listed name

great job pefeper