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Thank you so much for instant action :)

Obviously the game does not run "damaged ..." I've tested it with two machines running OS 11.5.2 and 10.11.6

If You like, I'd test further builds, I've got three machines with different OS available.

All the best,


This game does not open on a Mac, except with a Windows installation on it. Maybe it runs with Wine on older machines.

.exe files do not open on a Mac ;)

Open the app "Terminal" located in "Utilities" inside of the applications-folder -->

xattr -cr /

Drag´n drop the app onto the terminal window hit return and it should work :)

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Thank You very much Afonso, worked for me and I could happily finish the game, heading to the next play through :)

This is a really really good and rich game!

Due to Google cannot translate "how to open the game on a Mac", here is my experience:

OS X till 11.4: Prompt that you want to open it or go to System Preferences ---> "Security & Privacy" ---> prompt "Open anyway"

OS X from 11.5 on:

Open "Terminal" located inside of Applications Utility-folder --> type in: 

sudo xattr -dr /"

then drag´n drop the Proxima app onto the terminal-window hit return, enter administrator password, hit return.

Then type : 

sudo chmod -R 755 /

drag´n drop the Proxima app and hit return ----> should work now.

If you only get the permissions warning, skip the steps before and type in Terminal:

xattr -cr /

then drag´n drop the Proxima app and hit return ----> should work now.

With these techniques you'll get to run almost any app.



I really love this game, atmosphere graphics and storyline :) but even in easy-mode I can't get the capsule on the dark side, any hints if there a technique to follow? Probably I'm just not made for extraterrestrial storms ;)

Beautiful and brilliant game, vielen Dank, das ist voll mein Ding!

Ein Tip für Mac OS 10.15 (Big Sur), damit man es öffnen kann (Wie immer die Zugriffsrechte ):

Programm "Terminal" aus Dienstprogramme öffnen, dann folgenden Text eingeben:

sudo xattr -dr /  

und das Programm ins Fenster ziehen, danach Adminpasswort eingeben. Selbiges mit:

sudo chmod -R 755 /

wiederholen, dann sollte es laufen.

Allerdings hänge ich im Spiel fest, keine Ahnung, was für ein Code für das Zahlenschloss an der Truhe benötigt wird, vielleicht hat ja jemand einen Hinweis, merci,


Haha, not really my cup of tea, but I still love the Deeper sleep and Don't escape that I played again and again on Newgrounds.
Just to say thanks, You really gave me good times.



No problem to unpack the rar, I got a folder with various content by that. But somehow the app seems not to be linked to any the other files in the folder. Maybe checking export-settings may help. Anyway, that's an issue, that I do find quite often :)

This looks nice :) Please check your export settings via Mac OS. Because as a result of the download, there is only a folder without any app. Nothing to open though.



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Thank You very much, the previews look wonderful!

But be assured, you cannot open .exe-files on a native Mac.

If someone has, via third-party-software, Windows installed, it should work, as well as maybe with 64-bit supporting Wine + companions  installed. Currently Wine, as a 32 Bit app, does work on machines running OS X 10.14 or earlier. (I´ll try that tonight, in an earlier version of this post, I assumed, that a really new MAC would be mandatory)


Really nice pictures and there is a story to be unfold.
But there are to much dialogues without a functionality, well, too much talking without anything happening :)

Heyyy, cool, the Mac-version runs smooth, Thank you very much for the effort of your´s. Cheers from Germany, Boris 

There is no Mac version!

This game is not compatible with OS X / Mac