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Go to the Tavern and talk with Faun Princess.

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Found a glitch after visiting goblin princess and opening her affinity menu it stayed open even after leaving town.

and after sleeping the chart vanished but the crown still remains.

I don't know if that happens with other princesses couldn't test that yet but thought I report it as is for now.

The ship that sails from the slime kingdom to cat kingdom needs some adjustment because it's pretty easy to get stuck on other NPC when you first bord the ship or decide to move up to the deck from the sleepingquaters. Here an image as example.

That Slime traveler is stuck under me wich stops me from moving can only turn around.

Yeah I found a dragon egg in a playthrough but the ability to fly with her was unlocked only after wyvern princess joined, atleast that's how I remember it, could be wrong though.

Don't you get that ability after wyvern princess joins?

In 16.6 the experience gain was lowered to half I think. Changelog says "considerably slowed down" and I think I read somewhere like I said above to half the experience.

So I got stuck on the Island where Wyvern Princess is and had to use the panic button, now I have this Situation.

Any way to fix this?

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For whatever reason I started getting an error message when I try to enter the Mouse Kingdom. Until just recently it worked fine, no idea why it starts crashing now.

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Strange in the changelog for 16.2 it's statted that it was fixed from 1 day to a week.

If you wait too long even for the first time you visit she starves. I think it was set to 7 days without food before she starves, so if you found her after that time you have to wait for your next playtrough.

So I just bought a shiny rabbit slave but she is not in my party nor in the tavern. I read something about a "Box" in another comment but have no idea what that refers to.

You have to take the boat with the black sails. It docks at various points on the coastline of the nothern realms, one spot I remember is right next to the tavern.

Is there any methode to reset Stat points? Because if not I see some serious issues with meeting dragon Princess II. But that knowledge is from way back, so if there's an alternativ way to meet her now I liked to know how.

I Finally got the Rabbit Princess auction again even though the clerk says the right name now, for whatever reason it's still Harvest Princess's scene that plays afterwards.

Oh boy I hope my RNG is good in that case.

Are you planning to change that in the future like when the Knight has high Affinity with the Goblins and/or Goblin Princess he gets acess to auctions with higher chances for Princesses and rare slaves?

OH so that is the problem i'm gonna try that. On that note is it somehow possible to highend the chances of a princess being sold, sometimes i had to wait for dozens of days since the auction is set in stone for each day?

I'm talking about when Rabbit Princess is sold the clerk calls her Wyvern Princess and when she should talk it is instead Harvest Princess with her Dialog instead of Rabbit Princess and when Harvest Princess is sold her dialog is skipped and she moves immediately to the counter.

Seems like there wasn't enough time to fix the Harvest and Rabbit Princess auction scene yet. Oh well gonna wait for the next patch then. Keep up the good work, really appreciate all those instant fixes.

Allright I tested the Slave auctions as much as possible and found s game crashing bug and a few bugs/errors:

1: The game crashes when some of the random generated Rabbits are sold it looks like several textures are missing since I got those errors

Unable to finde file graphics/pictures/rabbodfsliwp



Don't know if there are more missing but those are those I found.

2: When Rabbit Princess is sold the clerk calls her Wyvern Princess and when Rabbit Princess should tell her dialog it shows Harvest Princess with her dialog.

3:Strangly when Harvest Princess is sold the clerk only says !!! and when Harvest Princess should tell her Dialog it skips that even though it should exist because of the above bug.

4: Some of the randomly generated Slimes only show the head without body and their face is next to the head hoovering in the air but the slimes with slave outfits show just fine.

5:More a Typpo but the Clerk always says the auction will last for 2 min but it only goes for 60 seconds.

That's all I found hope you can fix them.

Found a slave auction scene with three errors. First the Rabbit Princess Spirit is shown then the clerk calls her wyvern Princess and finally when the image of the to purchable princess shows it's Harvest Princess with her Dialog. So i'm not sure wich of those three the right one is except Harvest Princess since she already was in an auction.

Every Time I try to load a save where a war is going on I get the following error Message:  Script Game_Interpreter line 455:ArgumentError occurred

Don't know if it's from my side or if there's a bug in the game.