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This game is so cute and it's quite funny when there is no space and the furniture goes boing boing boing.

This was a nice game and I enjoyed it. Your art was so colorful and cute. I hope that you will feel better soon and take good care of yourself.

I now crave food...even though I just ate about two hours ago,

Nice game, it was a great experience playing it and it felt bittersweet.

Nice game! Perhaps if you want to update this game, you could add other modes with different degrees of hardness such as a faster rate of depletion or having additional challenges, like having to tap on bugs on the screen during winter to get rid of them quickly.

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This was a really nice game to play, I really liked the challenge of the puzzles.

This was really fun to play !

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Nice game, was  really surprised with the other end.

When you can't aim.

Although it was quite short, I had enjoyed the slight horror element in the game. 

This was a relaxing game to play. It was fun to try and grow all the different types of plants available.

Although short, I felt that this game was really interesting! I was somewhat surprised when it showed 'The End' and was hoping there was more. 

This was an interesting game to play. I really enjoyed the story and the game mechanics of moving thought bubbles was quite interesting and engaging!

It was a great game and the music made the experience much more immersive.

A cute and interesting game. I kinda feel bad for the boy and his grandma. The other characters were also very likable.


10/10 will play again to have tea with my friend.