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Just played and left a rating on 100 Enemies! It was super fun (if a bit difficult) and it's really cool to see a suggestion from a year ago left a seed for the next jam! I only managed to kill 4 enemies on my best run but the game itself feels good and functions great, so I imagine with just a bit of iteration it'd be at a point I could likely survive all 100!

If you feel up to it, want to check out my jam entry for this year? Its about fighting gravity in a pinball/pachinko machine

Nice! Really hit that sweet spot of having just enough control that you feel like you're just barely hanging on.

Yeah the level ended up erring a little on the long side but we wanted to leave lots of room for replaying for highscores. Thanks for playing!

That was the objective! Unfortunately as we were coming up on the deadline we ended up having script to the end as fast as possible and had to cut some variety . Glad to see you saw the bit of choice we did get to make tho!

I just watched your video! I'm super glad you liked it! 

Really enjoyed this! The game does a good job simulating the feeling of actually using a flashlight in a dark environment, and I really appreciate how the game is basically completely lacking in challenge until you start getting overconfident a moving too quickly. Well done!

Had fun! I think that adding in extra ways to interact with the balls would be a nice development on the game, like perhaps you can point at an enemy ball that's about to hit you and kick it away if you time a button press? I dunno but the game was a lot of fun and the art was really nice

It's essentially that old flash game The Big Red Button except with more drawings. Not bad but couldn't get to far on account of the game glitching out and not letting me progress

I got 50 one my first try! Really neat game, if a little straightforward. Gets pretty hectic as it goes on. My main suggestion would be to put a visible grid over the game because I'd often be certain I was lined up to grab a pellet, only to be one row off. 

I had fun. Have you considered making the ship just autofire? Playing through I never really had a reason to stop firing, and if that's the case holding space the entire time seems redundant after a little while. I'm not to familiar with shmups so I dont know if another game has done that already but I feel like a shmup where you cant stop firing or only fire when you're moving would lead to some interesting gameplay if you designed around it. Just an idea. Good job.