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Sorry devs but this is the only way for me to reach this person and I really really owe him something...
I'm the creator of an asset pack you bought and received an email saying you've had issues with the transaction. I'll be happy to send you a copy. Just contact me on by email at 
Yet again, sorry for polluting the comment section...

PS: I felt bad about leaving a comment without talking about the game so I played it. Love the graphics and the slightly eery vibe! 

This is this type of "HOW THE HECK IS THIS EVEN FREE" games. Everything is slick, fast, smart, the vibe is there, the look is there, the optimization is there, the photo fucking mode is there... I mean that's as good as it gets basically. You have so much talent mate!!

Quick feedback still: 

  • We need a better UI (I think): it feels just that little bit too bland imo
  • Cars with just 1 gun are pretty boring compared to the complexity of the 2 gunned ones
  • I think taking the time to think bosses with more abilities, thinking the cars that surround them (their squad kinda) and that way, creating harmonies/combos (for instance a fire thrower boss with a crew of cars leaving a trail of oil behind them) would greatly improve replayability (you could randomly match a boss with a crew, and that way creating crazy fights)
  • I think a greater variety of enemies would give a lot more depth to the game (you could play with aesthetics, music, references...) which I think, as it stand, is the real problem of the game
  • Finally I kinda think the real next step is just MORE MORE MORE, since the base is there, you just need to had the content: we just need MORE weapons, MORE enemies, MORE cars, MORE maps, you get the point

I know it's a pre-alpha but gosh is that clean. Good luck for what is still left to be done. Obviously this is just my feedback and opinion, and you are the one who should make choices for your game.

So enthusiastic to see devs still putting up this like this. Keep going!

Great game. Don't even know why it's free.

Quite fun when you're bored!!! Awesome idea!!

How pretty!!

So beautifullllllllllll. I want more

This game
is beautiful.

H U G E.
PS: A coyote time for the dodge action would be S I C K .