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In case someone else encounters the following error on a Mac:

The application “Stillness1.1.1Mac” can’t be opened

This happens because the application doesn't have execution permissions. This is how I managed to fix it (I am on macOS Catalina):

1. Navigate to the folder where is

2. Right click on and select "New Terminal at Folder"

3. In the terminal window, paste the following command:

chmod +x Contents/MacOS/Stillness1.1.1Mac

It might be necessary to add sudo in front:

sudo chmod +x Contents/MacOS/Stillness1.1.1Mac

Hope this helps someone!

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I played it and got a couple endings. It was a really surreal experience. Its a good foundation for an even better game.

Some of the choices seem kinda forced tho... lol

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Sorry for the huge delay but is it still downloadable?

Sure, thanks!

haven't played it but cool