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Bop Man

A member registered Dec 18, 2016

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Very scary, very unique. The scares were on point, and the gameplay was exellent! I obviously liked it lol, good job dev!

Very very slow at first, but picked up outta nowhere lol! I kind of like that surprise, good game dev!

Excellent game! Especially for it to be made in only 13 days, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy my screams 馃槀

Nice horror game! I think it could use a little extra work like the sound design and stuff to make it more ambient later on in the game. But for what it is I really enjoyed! :)

Very good game! Also very difficult 馃 lol. The scares and atmosphere was on point! 

Wacky horror. I like it! 馃憤馃従馃槀 Not really much I can say about this game, but I enjoyed! - 2nd Game :)

Great horror game, great atmosphere! I love the build up of everything that's going on while you read lol, it makes the whole experience super freaky!! - 1st game I played :)

Nice and spooky horror game! I like the creepiness of it all really carries the game, and I absolutely hate and love it馃槀 Hope you enjoy my video :)

Very unique, very weird, and very scary 馃槀馃槀 Great holiday horror game bro!

I SLEPT ON THIS GAME! The game itself was great and scary, and then the white rabbit update is just like the cherry on top! Needless to say I enjoyed this  a lot lol, can't wait for 2022 :)

Great horror game! Was confused at some parts, but I'm just slow tbh lol. Good job dev!

Good game dev! Especially for it to be somewhat rushed, I was really immersed and scared lol. Enjoy the video :)

Excellent horror game! I never really played point and click styled games before, but this was amazing to say the least! Got scared a lot more than I thought I would as well lol xD Hope you enjoy the video!

Very good, very scary! The jump scares alone make this game very promising, I really enjoyed the demo a lot! Keep up the good work dev.

This game concept was so funny to me, until I started getting chased lol! But great game dev!

I love this! It was very different and the anxiety would really get to me 馃ぃ Check out the video I made as well! 

Super fun, super scary! Great fan game overall, and I hope to see some new mods added!

Excellent demo, with a super scary story behind it! Scares got me pretty good too lol. Nice job! Hope you enjoy the video I made :))

Scariest game I've played in a while! This game makes a great atmosphere all the way up to the jumpscare, and it's very effective as you'll see in my video lol! But this is just a good game in general tbh. Good job!

You guys have made an excellent horror game right here! I played it just before the update so I wasn't able to see the latest and greatest polished version 馃槶, but it was still good!

I made a let's play video on it, and I hope you enjoy! (Y'all went crazy went the jump scares so headphone warning lol) 

Played this game in a 3 random horror games vid, and honestly it spooked me pretty good lol! It's the first game I play, and I hope you enjoy :D

This game was awesome! It really had a good atmosphere and how alien like the impostor is just puts a sense of dread when you don't know where they're at. Overall I enjoyed it, good job dev! 

Love the update! This is really the best action game Ive ever played! I beat it this time around, hope you enjoy the video :))

This game was awesome! The dread was always there, especially when I didn't know where the monsters were at times lol馃槀 gg dev! 

Played this game yesterday, and I was spooked out to the MAX!!! Hope you enjoy my gameplay footage :))

That plot twist really had me perplexed in the end!!! Lol, but I enjoyed the game a lot! Good job dev!

Amazing job man! I always enjoy your horror games to be honest,  keep up the good work fam!

Made a video about it, hope you enjoy! ;)

This game was fun to play, and when it needed to be scary it definitely was! Everything from the atmosphere, and the scares themselves were good. Good game dev!

This game is wayyy scarier than it's supposed to be馃ぃ I liked it tho, it was enjoyable to play. I recommend making EDP's footsteps louder though, and sometimes I would get stuck on objects. But other than that, it was really fun!

Hello everybody! I would like to share to you me playing fnf good for once lol. This mod was hard and can be found at anywaysss, hope you enjoy!

I made a skit about this game lol, and it was a really fun experience! Very unique indeed haha. Good job dev, and I hope you enjoy the video

This game was very spooky! I liked the style and it was a nice short horror experience to say the least. Good job dev!

Excellent horror game! I never played the first part, but I feel like I missed out because this is really good and it's really scary! Check out the video I made as well! 

Good job devs, can't wait for the full game! 

Excellent horror game! Especially for it being your first one. I had a blast with this, and the scares really got me good throughout! Hope you enjoy my video, and good job dev!

Good short horror game! Honestly surpassed my expectations with this one, I like how you kinda have to learn the game before you can win. Or at least I did bc I'm slow 馃槀馃槶 anywaysss, good job dev! 馃憤馃従

This game was REALLY good!! The jumpscares were super effective, and the way he runs toward you is funny but scary too at the same time馃槀 Good job dev!

This was weird and I expected something totally different, but I still enjoyed it 馃槀