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Bop Man

A member registered Dec 18, 2016

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Great atmosphere! Honestly the definition of a good indie horror game, had my butt cheeks sweating. I only wish that instead of dying and having to restart all the way over, the player can at least restart at the store.But other than that pet peeve, I loved it!

Love your games dude! This one was wayy more fleshed out than I initially thought it would be. Can’t wait to see what else you have to offer!

This remake was GREAT! I hope you can add more to the story in a sequel. Love your games, keep up the good work!

Yet another HILARIOUS murder spree 😂🤘🏾

Really enjoyed this game, WAYYY more than I expected too! I'm not really into liminal spaces either, but this game alone really got me interested. Good job dev!

This is not what I was expecting at all, but gee goly goose did I love this game! The sound was very good, kept me unnerved the whole time. I do think the final chase scene could be better, but other than that I liked everything about this game!

This was actually a CRAZY experience 😭 I really enjoyed it a lot, and I can see the potential that this game has! Good job dev 🤘🏾

Awesome game! I love discovering fire indie horror games, and this one did not disappoint! Hope to see more from you soon :)

This game was FIRE!! I totally underestimated it, but I'm happy I tried it out! Good job dev :)

Had to put that boi Mooshie IN THE DIRT!!! 

This was FIRE!!! Really look forward to seeing more games from you!

LOVED THIS from start to end!! Good job Lix, this was scary and challenging!

Pretty funny endings, and I actually got scared playing this 😂 wish there was more adventure, but other than that I really enjoyed this game!

I honestly didn’t expect to get scared from this game😂😭 LOVED IT THO!! 👍🏾

This horror game definitely deserves a full version! 😭😭 Good job once again dev 😁

Such a great game! Even though I was expecting something scary to happen, the ending still got me pretty good 😂 good job dev!👏🏾

Really digged this game, and especially the aesthetic! I wish the enemy had more game time, but other than that I loved everything about this!

This was ABSOLUTELY GREAT!! I loved the story of it honestly lol, and the clown actually felt like a threat. GG dev, I can’t wait to see more!

This game was scary at first, then HILARIOUS!!!

FIRE GAME 🔥🔥 wish there were more scares tho, and a little bit longer gameplay time. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed!

Great demo! Didn’t notice too many bugs, but I definitely noticed that lethal jumpscare!! 😂😭

My new favorite dev 🤭 WITH ANOTHER HORROR BANGER!!!

Really loving the scares this game has to offer, and in this video was my first time really getting jumpscared!! 😂😂 Can't wait for more updates!

George really a nice guy as long as he's eaten his lasagna. Besides that, yeah you're gonna die lmao!

I absolutely LOVED The Crypt Terror, so I already knew this wouldn’t disappoint! Great game once again dev :)

Awesome horror game! Hope you work on some longer titles in the future, and I hope you enjoy my video!

The tension I had while playing this game was CRAZY!! Great horror game dev 🤘🏾

This bootleg Adventure Time actually made me shit bricks 😂😂

This was great 👍🏾 Hopefully the AI can become easier to use in the future, but other than that I really enjoyed this game!

Very solid Squidward horror game 👌🏾 I actually got scared at the chase scene which I was not expecting 😂 GOOD JOB DEV!

This was definitely a 5 star experience! Good job dev, and I'll be waiting for your next Bite Size Terrors instalment!

GREAT GAME!! Can’t wait for the full release.

This was PHENOMENAL! I really enjoyed the tense vibe, and it made the scares much more effective. Good job dev, and I can't wait to see more of what you have to offer!

REALLY enjoyed this! The ending had a Fears to Fathom vibe that I also liked. Good job once again dev!

Just as crazy and wacky as ever lol. Scares got me pretty good too! Good job once again dev! :)

This game is INSANE lmao. Nevertheless, loved every second of it! I was able to beat the 2nd level, and after that I just gave up haha, so I hope you enjoy!

This game was really scary, I loved playing it from beginning to end! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to beat it because it’s just a little bit too hard, for me at least 😂 Nice Game Dev!

LOVED this game, you should definitely continue development, and have a ending where you kill rootman with an axe! Lol

Really great teaser game right here! I'm new to the series so I hope you enjoy my video!