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Bop Man

A member registered Dec 18, 2016

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This game was awesome! After learning how to control my character lol. This was difficult yet kept me playing with excitement the whole time! Good job overall dev. 

This game scared the crap out of me to say the least lol. Overall good game! I should go back and play ep 1 too

Had a blast playing this game! Nice unique concept, and it was executed really well. Overall good job dev!

I liked this game a lot, who would've known being a farmer could be so scary lol. It's nice, simple, fun, and most importantly scary! Good job dev.

Very spooky and scary experience overall! This was a good game, and it was very mellow made. The environment was unsettling, and it just has that horror aspect that I feel like you hit right on for me. Good game dev! 

Pretty sweet horror game, and pretty weird lol. The burp was the scariest part of the game I swear 😂 I enjoyed the game nevertheless!

Pretty good horror game. I liked the little lore it had, and it played smoothly! Good job dev.

This game was awesome! I struggled with it a lot but it was so satisfying to finally beat it! I like the style and everything tho, good job dev! 

Don't steal kids 👨🏾☑

This game probably gives me the most scares tbh 😂 Today I'm back on this game, and Saiko seems like she's trying even harder to keep me here! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Nice lol horror game right here. This game is really good for it to be done in 48 hours! You did yo thing dev!

I loved this demo, to say the least! Simple to play and scared the crap out of me lol! Good job dev. 

Loved this game! I definitely feel the dead space vibe to it. It's passed my expectations honestly, good game!

Nice simple game. Executes the concept really well, and is genuinely scary. Good job dev!

Good game, and nice style! I didn't know who Junji was until finding this game lol. But it looks really good, and was fun playing! I feel like the door scare effected me a lil too much😂 Nice job dev!

This is a really cool game dev! I saw it around a for a while, but I'm just now getting around to playing it. Saiko chan was giving me a hassle the whole time lol. But it's scary and fun, and I love when games find that balance to it. Didn't make much progress, but I plan on playing it more in the future!

This game was pretty good! Pretty scary, and I actually liked the gameplay a lot! Besides the fact that the witch can phase through doors 😂 Good game 👍🏾

This was a really good horror game, the vibe of the atmosphere and the lore just made it even more creepy. I made a video on it, hope you enjoy!

I did struggle on the one valve puzzle a bit, but only because I didn't know what I was doing lol. 

This game gave me a FNAF feel, in it's own unique way. I can't really attack of course, and the player is basically just waiting to see what happens next. I love it! Lol, it makes it more dreadful all together, and it's all just well executed. This was a pretty cool short horror game!

No problem man!

Nice game! This was really funny and overall an enjoyable game. I like the story it has, and it seems like a perfect indie game for Christmas. The driving part was kind of difficult for me tho, but I think that's what you intended 😂 Good job!

I had a blast playing this, to say the least! This was an awesome game to play, mechanics and everything. It started crashing about 10 mins in tho, was kind of a bummer, but I still had fun!

This game actually had me scared, to a point where I dreading even entering the mirror world!🤣 It was a good experience overall, the simplicity of it made me underestimate it, but I was in for a surprise lol. You did your thing on this one dev!

I really liked this game! As soon as you got me with that first jumpscare, the whole atmosphere changed 😂 I wish there was another ending though (There probably was I just didn't find it). But overall, nice game!

I had so much fun with this game! I liked figuring out how to do things and problem solving in general, it's really neat! I managed to beat the whole game, but I'd like to see some more levels be added too, if you're able to do that one day. Nice game dev!

Loved this! Made me feel genuine fear without me being chased by something lol. Great job dev, 10/10!

This a really good game once again! You're officially one of my favorite horror game creators; it's short, sweet, and most of all scary lol. Good job dev!

This was a nice lil horror game, I had a good time playing and can see a whole lot more potential in the concept you have here. Overall good game!


No problem man!

I loved playing this, not gonna lie to you. It's not the scariest, but the environment had me on my toes the whole time lol. And I did get scared from a few things too still, overall good game!

Yeahhh, this was a pretty weird horror game 😂 still had a blast with it tho, and honestly did get pretty scared too lol

No problem

This game was pretty cool, I wish we could actually escape the dude tho 😂😭 Still, good job dev! 

This was a nice game dev! I sadly didn't record when the update was made, but still had a blast, and was scared too lol. Good job overall! 

I like what you did here dev! This seems like a really promising game that has a lot of potential, you got me with every single jumpscare lol.  Keep up the good work!

Nice game bruh! I played it for Halloween, but forgot to post it up on here. Anywayss, hope you enjoy!

See I was already scared of ghosts in terms beginning, this game just made it worse 😂😭 Nice job dev!

This game was reallyyy scary. The atmosphere and everything was just perfect, and I enjoyed playing. Good job dev! 

I loved this lol. It was scary and funny at the same time, and those the type of games I really enjoy! GJ Dev!

Great game! Really got me with some good scares lol, keep up the good work!