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The first level, after the deceptively slow paced tutorial, is 15 seconds. That's far too short for the amount of things necessary. Also, there is no indication what will or will not work on the bodies. Moving the mouse back to the tool bar and down to the scene is far too slow for changing tools, considering how often tool changes are necessary. Clicking off an item and them clicking on the new item is also too time consuming. If I use a tool on a part of the scene that is near my target, but the wrong thing, it clears my tool selection, forcing me to waste more time. I understand it's meant to create tension, but this is far too fast. There is barely enough time to handle the first body, camera, money before the cop comes in. Maybe some keystroke assignments for the tools, and don't force me to drop something before I can take the new thing. And don't clear my selection if I click the Blood with the Crowbar when I mean to click the Body.
The concept and the graphics are fun. I hope you make improvements.

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Great experience. Early on, some of the progress items are too difficult to find. Feels like a dead end a few minutes in. I had to use a guide for certain things. I still don't know where the padlock combination is located. The story is well written and researched. Sometimes I wished for the ability to jump in order to better target some items and enter trailers.

Crashed in seconds and can't get it to run again. Running Windows 10.
I've read the other comments, and I don't have an /internal/log directory at all.