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Guillaume Faguet

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yeah you're right the double jump wasnt explained !thanks a lot for playing our game

Thanks a lot for you kind comment :) We'll try to balance the boss asap so it's more fun to play and less long I think 

Thanks a lot for all your feedback ! This is very valuable to us  :)
We'll update the game asap for a more user friendly version with much more feedbacks !
We'll try to make other levels as we have the architecture now !

Thanks a lot! We're so glad you finished it :) 

Thanks a lot for your video :) 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play our game! We'll use your feedback to make an update asap

try using the double jump to progress, it should be pretty easy with it :)
thanks for your comment

what is the problem ? you can't start the .exe ?

Hey, whats the problem ? You just have to extract the folder and launch the .EXE :)