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Magic battles are not great.  I press the buttons, but they aren't accepted.  Even if there's time left.  After the first number input, it freezes up.

A lot of these in the beginning involved no choices.  

I just pressed enter because I was trying to learn the controls, and I kept switching maps and eventually "won" with no real effort.  Likely a bug

So, not bad.  I would love a brightness setting.  Some things were hard to see without turning out the lights. 
Also, level 1 floor just reset while I was playing.  Not sure why. 
Further, where to hit the boxes to break them is hard.  I had to move the mouse just right back and forth to find it.  
But I kinda liked it!  Good work!

Froggy go down the hole, and then wanders the clouds forever (I assume I should have died when falling down.)

I can get the blue orb more than once.

Game hangs if you accidentally lose focus in Chrome. 
Looking forward to this sequel!

Z/X are pretty classic.  you can use the arrow keys and space without  much trouble.  You may want to map up to jump on the arrow keys for users who like that.  Then people have the choice of mouse/ wasd or arrow keys and z/x.

You beat me by 2!  I only got 73 and the big 'un.

Fun game.  I second (third) using different keys for attack and flame attack.

It took me 3 times. Last time I survived by a single life. Thank goodness for the red pips on the bottom near the meter. I would hate to lose by a single heart again. Excellent game.

So, it's old and you might not care, but the key choice is not fun.  X is 'trash forever' and 'continue' depending how the game progresses.  I also reset the game by accident.  The keys aren't that easy to use.

This is very, very clever.

Wow.  Level design brings me back to Jill of the Jungle and others.  Nailed it.

Make sure gun is in gun slot (below map), put a bullet in the chamber, then spin the chamber, then press the trigger.

Autosave saved with a sliver of life.  Now I respawn in one hit death mode.

Some way to heal, or delete save would be cool.  If there is one, it isn't clear to me.  

Ah!  My mistake!  I had thought the upgrades were permanent because I would swear they stuck around when I played a few days ago.

I look forward to the update.  Great game!

So, two things,  Running Chrome under Suse Linux.  Browser crashed after defeating the Nightmare heart with Rogue.
Also, trying again, but for some reason the upgrades aren't staying put?  Everything reverts back to +0.  Unless I bought it at a set rank.  This is new and didn't happen before.