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Cute, fun.  Good game!

100%  Ow

Really loved it.  

Not sure what level I am, but I got 3 level upgrades from a green orb and the game hung. on the select upgrade screen.

Continuing when everyone is dead locks the game.  (No way to get to main menu without reload.)

Bronze cannons add 3 attack, iron add 2.  Also, I Couldn't fing my way back to the pirate who betrayed me.  Might be nice to have a compass back.  But the dotted line is totally a thing

I get it too.  Select full screen or unselect it, and it seems to fix the bug.

Sorry, I wasn't clear.  The white dashed line at the top is clear, but I can't tell when something will go over the line or not before I click to drop it.   I have guessed wrong a number of times.  Having the line turn red when you will lose if you click would be helpful.  


So, I'm loving it, but my biggest issue is not being able to tell when the last ball will cause me to lose.  Some sort of red bar indicating death would be good.  I have a ton of space, but think I can make it and have to restart.  

Otherwise, it's fun.

Not bad.  I clicked 1000 times to try to open my cargo and eventually stopped playing because of it.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes not.    It might be neat to have a map for places you've discovered.  Even if it were just arrows pointing to the closest space you explored wanting a certain item.

I liked it.  Although I had a hard time seeing the difference between the red coins and the red health bars/ enemies.  I might do a bit of color differentiation.  But it's pretty great!  Can't wait for more levels!

So, the basic game is solid!  Well done.  It works, and is enjoyable.  

As for advancement, I might add levels you can reach where there are harder things, or a big enemy you have to defeat in X turns.  Or maybe upgrades?  Or maybe a win condition.  

Once my army got to about 100, I could beat anything the RNG could throw at me.  Army 133; Lands 13; Peasants 280; Gold 2354

So, I like it, but having e be the pickup is awful.  I have to stop moving or shooting.  I keep dying trying to pick up weapons.  There's also a very small window to get it.  I feel like just moving over it should work.  

Otherwise it;s a fun concept as far as I got

It also needs a reset button.  I knocked the chest out of the way, but got stuck outside of the playable area and wouldn't roll back down.

Me gustarialo!  Demasiado bonito!  Bien hecho Programadora D. 

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Now fixed.

The Saplings/ trees numbers don't update.  I do run out of trees I can chop, but I have no idea how many trees I have.  (It always says 0 saplings and 10 trees.)

Also, if I hold down the "plant a tree button", it freezes and I have to take my finger off the button for it to refresh.  Although I think this may have to do with the "limit" of trees that I can't see.

I can only assume that level 20 is the end as I got a black screen.

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Then I lucked out with the RNG and it only gave me a max of 3 cards instead of 5.  And then down to 2 cards max.

So, the RNG is rough on this one.  Also, sometimes during winter it won't reset your cards.  I mean I went 2.5 years without seeing rice.

No me gustaria tener el buton para "reset" proximo del buton para cambio.  Pulsado el buton de "reset" demasiado tiempos cuando deseado cambio.

Pero, el juego fue divertido.  Me gustaria lo differentes caminos para ganar.

Lo siento para mi espanol.

One quick note, the sound resets when you go to a new area.

This was fantastic.  I had to loose 4 or 5 games before I understood, but it was fun!   "is any #" was essential.  I had 3 suit names available and was able to juggle.

Really well done!

 It took me a while to figure out that red arrows are attack, and black arrows are move.  I might put that in the instructions.

The bow is extremely confusing to use.  I have my mouse directly above the character and it shoots down or to the right, or to the left.  

If I rotate my mouse clockwise/ counterclockwise, it seems the direction of the firing is 90 degrees in front of the direction the mouse is pointing.

But I really liked it!  a lot of fun!

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So, Block seems a bit off.  I should be at 47% and the game says 33%.  
The hat and 2 teasers are 9%, 5%, and 6%.  The blade is 8%, the shield is 9%, and the mage armor shoudl be 10%.

It was Brave.

Mmmmm.  Couldn't figure it out.  Right click just activates the browser menu,   scroll wheel just did the window and wasn't grabbed by the game.  It just looked like a blank green screen/ blue.

I spotted no cities or knights, but I could see the two icons at the top.  

But I like it.  It's simple, and easy.  I could see the game expanding in complexity while keeping the same theme.  Well done.

Makes sense.

One issue I saw was that you often can't spend your last  money.  Prepare for jump [4] and I have [4] same with buying ships.

I did eventually win, but how many warps until safety or whatever.  Some sort of goal to push for as it feels like it could be infinite gameplay.

It might be cool to know how many "miles" to home.  

I mean, our protagonist is a super jerk, but I love that I get a choice at the end!


The timing was just right for length of task.

I went left.  

So, look.  I hate horror games.  But I just came here to say that a Tally Hall themed game was unexpected!  They are a delightful band I discovered way after they disbanded.  

No es malo, pero necissito reinciar la pagina.  "R" reinciar, pero, las puertas no funcione despues.

Tambien, un tiempo cuando entrado una puerta usado, el jugo muerto.

Pero, me gustaria lo.  Es divertido y original.  

Lo siento para mi español. 

J is to attack.  You explain how to jump and move, but not that.  I had to try all the keys.