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Was working on this for 2-3 weeks straight, definitely seeing some improvement in my own skill, and got to make my own full soundtrack for the first time. If you try it, please let me know what you think and what I can improve on it in further updates!

Thanks! :)

Had to submit it earlier than I had hoped due to being busy, but here is my submission! Hope someone enjoys it!

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I was just checking out your profile after you reviewed my game, and I like this! The idea is very good. For some feedback, I think there should be a short immunity time after you are revived (I found myself instinctively moving forward afterwards) and there was a slight color difference from bomb tiles and normal tiles (I could easily find where to place the flags).

The continue and pause UI can also stack, but overall? I really like it. It's got a good overall feel to it - And for what it is, it's a really neat project! 

Highscore: 0001395

Nice! Thank you for playing my game! I would like that complete list of thoughts and suggestions though - For future updates.

That doesn't mean he didn't play it. That just means it's his opinion.

Hope you consider trying it! :)

Thank you, it means a lot! Developing this game has taught me so much about 3D game development after years of making 2D games, and it wouldn't have started development without you!

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In Greg's Pizzeria, you take the place of a daring explorer who sets foot inside an abandoned pizzeria. 

With upgrades, difficulty modifiers, and unique characters, there are hundreds of possibilities for you to experiment with. Not to mention the comedic areas sprinkled upon the game, it's a game I will be proud of!

Thank you so much!! I will use this for my game.

You are a chicken. You know nothing about your past. There is no story to it. 

Just kill some zombie chickens!

Go from a survivalist chicken with a clown-gun, to a Chicken robot with an ancient dragon gun! Many usual updates every day-week!                      Collect ZK (Zombie Kills) to upgrade your arsenal. Guns, armors, helmets, and maybe even more customization types to be added possibly soon!

In my opinion, The game isn't yet GREAT. It is quite fun to me, and is available for mobile, keyboard, and mouse only users as well, but most definitely not completely what I want. There is no music right now since I have no talent in that aspect (There will be music soon, thought), and much more to be added during gameplay, such as (power-ups? More difficulty after certain time?).

Ah ok

Hey you can actually turn sb3 files to html, there's a website for it (Though I used sb2 to html, might work with sb3.)

When the rooms 2 comes out, try it out! It'll be free! Though, there will be more content for those who pay $2.50 Free: 30 rooms Paid: 100-200 rooms The game will come out 4/20/2019 at least. I hope your excited for the next one! It will be much better and bigger than this one. 

I added the choices for most of the rooms! Thanks for the idea! Reinstall the game so you can try it out.