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You probably can't. So the easiest solution is to either play with keyboard and mouse or with an xbox controller.

Great game from great developers. I honestly thought it would feel alot like Super Phantom Cat (since it's the same developers) but nope. This is obviously totally different and it's freakin' great.

By far the best survival game i've played. Simple graphics, simple gameplay, pretty easy to understand too. Inventory/crafting menu could be better though.

Graphics option is in the menu when you're about to start the game. :) There's Low, Medium, High. I do agree though... There needs to be options in-game and not before starting the game.

What a beautiful game! Good job... Seriously. I absolutely love these kinds of short games.

If you found it in the ''free games'' section then yeah it should be obvious.

lol Really??

I'm glad i found this game! Runs surprisingly well on Ultra (Windowed mode) but who can actually collect 192 fruits?? It'll honestly get really boring at 50 collected fruits but still a really awesome game!

There is a mouse sensitivity option... If you press Advanced settings ;)