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Is it possible to create mods for the game at all?

I was playing DRS  a few days ago when I thought about something. The maximum speed limit  on both mainlines is actually 90mph however at this speed your target speed is always 70mph . I think that the target speed should be based on what the actual line speed limit is rather than on how fast the train can go since the train can overexceed its maximum speed.

When you say improving existing routes can you get rid of all of these entry portals and exit portals and replace them with terminus stations. having portals is a bit unrealistic.

Is there going to be a third full route?

While playing DRS  I realised that it would be great to have a fully accesible cab. What I mean by that is maybe if  you could control the train's wipers and if the trains had destination blinds showing where the train was going. Also, it would be great if the trains had lights at each end and that these could be controlled from the cab.

I hope one of the locos is the class 37

In version 1.3 you said something about adding new dmus and a loco plus carriages. What classes will these new trains be? And when will version 1.3 be released?

Is it possible to mod this game at all?

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Will you be able to extend routes with the route editor?

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Would it be possible in one of your updates to add traffic on the roads? Like cars , trucks and buses etc. The towns and roads seem a bit empty without anything moving about.

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Do you have an idea on when version 1.3 will be released? Or is it still a while from now?

Sounds great

What kind of features are you planning to put in the route editor ?

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Do you have to activate the game on steam to receive future updates or not?

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Go to the download page of what exactly?