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Good game, but couldn't get ending one no matter what I tried. Not sure how other people managed to get it. Overall, enjoyable. Art is amazing and the interactive play is nice.

Very nice game. The art is stunning as usual and the story, while short, is very impactful. I played through all the endings and enjoyed it a lot.

The art is amazing as always. The story is ok, it's not the most compelling of the ones by this creator, but it's still enjoyable.

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Absolutely excellent game. Your games always have such ensnaring and deep plots. The art style is just beautiful as well. I love how unafraid you are to delve into complicated issues. Played all the ending, keep up the good work!

I played all the endings and I have to say that this is such an amazing game! It is definitely one of the best visual novels I've tried. Favorite route is Alexei, but I think Gio's bad route was the saddest. Great game, keep it up!