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This. Game. Is. PISSING ME OFFFFFFFFF. I cannot count how many times iv'e been punched and had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. The frustration. Just when I think iv'e got the hang of it! NOPE! Iv'e been playing for hours. HOURS. and I'm still not done. I thought this was gonna be a short, dumb, meme game but NO I get developed characters, plot, and feelings. Lots and lots of feelings. Fuck you and your game with its engaging story line and emotionally investable characters and good art and music choice and it's ability to carry a serious tone in it's comedy. Fuck you. I hate that I love this.  I haven't felt anything for 15 years and was fine till you assholes came along.  I'm having some sort of acid reflex or heart palpitations. Is this what giving a shit feels like?  Wait- Nope it's a heart attack. Please send help! 

But in all seriousness this is an awesome game so far. I was not expecting what was shoved at me. I mean what can be said that probably hasn't been said before? Great art, great characters, professional layout, good music, engaging story, ect. The only problem I did have was that every once in a while when clicking or pressing enter to move the conversation along it would like skip a bit and I'd miss text. I'd also suggest adding a conversation history. I have seen some people suggest putting in a save or a back button but don't. Going back and starting over is half the fun! (Hurts so good) It just makes the ending that much sweeter. Speaking of the fun, you'll be happy to know Iv'e gone and named myself Grunkle Stan! (He wants that meaty ,man D.)   Iv'e made it a habit to call myself Grunkle Stan in dating sims because, well, it's hysterical.  It's pure comedy gold! It never fails to make me laugh. Pretty much do this when I'm depressed.  Anyway, great game, good work, and totes recommending this to friends so they can suffer with me. We will all burn together...

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This was really cute and sad. I Enjoyed it!