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Nice of ya to show ppl how to add reshade. I use reshade with most old or new games that try to have an old look (low poly games).  Im always happy to see someone use or show ppl reshade.

Oh yay, thats wonderful to hear!

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LOVED this! The art style, story and the characters....I hope to see an update(I drop by now and then to check if there's one). Wonderful lewd little game, keep up the good work ^_^

Chonky boi; its so cute and fun. Just a real ball to play X3

LOVED IT....I want more T_T

I love it so far..I hope to see an update one day. Dino + vn = amazing <3 But yea nice choice in colors and art style.

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I love this game so much; played around 2018. Just popped in to see if it got updates happy to see there are! I like the time based part, it makes you want to come back to check on money you earned (and on your chooks). Id be happy to see spin offs too, like say a dairy farm. X3

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Im having a blast with this game. Love the art style, the characters, town and lewdness lol. But yea woah, I don't even care about the sexual stuff compared to how fun this title is! Wonderful job, Id recommend this to just about anyone...come to think of it X3, I think ppl who like say Stardew Valley (because of the whole, interacting with the town and ppl in it) would like this 2.  "A high quality adult adventure", I have to say its so true!

I so love this VN, im going crazy; im waiting for the whole thing to be completed. When I first tried this a few months back I was in awe of the art, music, story and character. With all the little updates...I just can't imagine how amazing it will be when complete!

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Bf got me this as a gift and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. Love the look, it brings me back to those old ps1 days!  The colors are the aesthetic; the kinda colors I go nuts for. I can't stress how much I like this game, and the other games siactro made; like Tastey Ramen <3

I did have a problem, I sorta fixed it. The colors were inverted. Tried right clicking the exe, and disable fullscreen optimizations; didn't work. I did fix it though, I had to change my screen res down a notch. I just have to pretend its like watching widescreen movies with the black bars. I would love an alternative to this workaround; its has something to do with fullscreen and unity I think. Another fix was to force it in windowed mode; used an old program called DxWnd. I hope its okay sharing this, I just wanted to so if another person had the same issue they can fix it.

I liked it!       I want Act 2 T_T..

I also wish this was downloadable. I think its a great name generator for random pets in games ^w^

...I laughed way to much at that XD!

Well that's awesome that it's just you! You got a great imagination. And now I'm SUPER excited for the update. ^-^

Loved and awwww RIP Goldie

Great game, found this through the meme sections in the discords im in. Rule of thumb if a game gets the meme treatment then to has to be G O O D

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Beautiful artstyle, Bury and Teak looks are my fav! The music, colors, sound effects are all great. Knowing that thre are updates to come...awesome. Simply fantastic job,         *gives head pats to the creator(s) as if they were doggos from their own game* 

I was going to say Digimon as well!  lol

Very short, BUT super cute, made me think of the days Id play on the GBC

Gosh, im so happy to hear that  *fan girl screams*

I for one can't wait and hope you make a full game! Its so dang cute yet scary "ahhh noodles!!"