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Cuckoo Pie

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My french professor would be appalled if I read Chris' french sentences out loud lmao.

I'm also a mac user. I don't know if we have the same problem, but here is the error I got.

I see there is a choice of game reference haha.
Three has nice tastes.

Will there ever be a mac version? 

Is it just me or the Mac version does not work?

You should create a Ko-fi or Patreon page so that you can worry a little less about money!

Thank goodness. I literally got stuck in player's apartment for quite a while.

The good news is Gumroad file is updated to 1.2, but the bad news is that the application still doesn't work.

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Hmm, for some reason gumroad still tells me it's 1V1.1  And it still can't be opened.  And btw, the short mac demo version on itch doesn't work as well.

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The link worked but it seems like the Mac version refuses to be opened. (I can unzip it but the application is not working)

Seems like the gumroad page is missing?

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It's a nice looking game so far.  I hope the future content will have lots of save points, so that players can die on purpose sometimes to see the end game scenes without having to start over again.

Personally I tend to save a lot. So I would probably need 1 page (5 slots) per romanceable character.

Doesn't seem to have any problems. Thanks a lot for making this! 

Would it be possible to have mac versions in the future?

Well, voting polls are common in many creator pages. But maybe have different polls for patreon of different tiers so that the higher tiers have slightly more influence over whatever it is that they are voting.

You should start a patreon page soon, so that you can worry less about all those nasty money stuff.

This reminds me of a certain legendary Pokemon.

I was just about to write that when I saw your comment.

I've been to the pub many times but still haven't met him. Pry tell how what did you do to meet him?