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great game!!!! i definitely felt a lot about what was being said in the game. love the art style as well

game was good man scared me so bad a few times lmao

Had fun playing this. Great work

loved this game good job!!

this game scared the hell outta me but i wish it was longer. good work man

Aw man thanks again, can’t wait to see more games from you, great job 

this game took me by surprise. had so much. art style was awesome. music was awesome. please tell me the name of the song from the second level? its soooooo nice. great game man fr

here's the video of my playthrough of your game! great job i had fun

lmfaooooo Aw man you guys are hilarious man . If you have anything like the first northbury grove in the works , I would love to play . One of the scariest games I’ve ever played 

love this game man it was so fun and scary

love your concept. keep it up

this game was dope. i didnt know this existed

love the puppet combo vibes and it scared the pants off of me. keep it up

your best work to date. scary doesnt even begin to describe this game. great job my dude 11/10

great work. these low poly horror games are the best. keep up the good work

i really hope you keep making games. i love all your projects. keep it up dude

i cannot wait for the full version. the sound design was excellent, the scares were as well. everything was top notch. keep it up man 

this game was strange. it was fun though i cant lie. was a little confused at the end. 

i love love love these type of games. 10/10. we need more of this man keep it up

kind of sick of these PT clone games but it was good. keep it up

puppet combo vibes and i love it. me and my girl had great time. its the second game we played. keep up the good work

this game scared the hell outta me. and that music you used for the intro was so dope. i freetyled a terrible freestyle to it lol keep up the good work

this game was pretty bad but i had fun lol 

loved this game. reminded me of another game i played on here called the whitetail incident. keep up the good work. great scares

this game scared the hell outta me. wish it was a little bit longer. good job

love your content. the build up was intense and the mic feature was surprising and i loved it. keep up the good work!! cant wait for more episodes!!

not sure if i got the canon ending but it made me scream like a girl none the less. GOOD WORK

thanks for posting it man!

this game was pretty fun man, dont mind the jokes its all fun lol