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Bonnie Kiwi

A member registered Nov 12, 2016

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Dani, you gud? 

dani u gud?

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You definitely know your stuff my guy. As a HUGE GOT fan, I love everything about this and it looks amazing! Can't wait to be able to play this! I got an email saying this was released but there's no where to download it? 

Would love to play more of this, please keep making! :D
Here's my gameplay of it, in case you're interested in that sort of thing! :)

Can't wait to see another one of these! Loved the addition of endless mode, too! :D

Great game! :D Great improvement on the first one, too! Much more to do and more challenging! Hope there are more to come!

This game is just TOO CUTE!

Cut everything and be free in this adorable, hand-drawn Indie Game!
You guys know how much I love this game! I can't wait to see what more awesome things this team comes up with! :D

My pleasure dude! Great work in such a short time! 

Was a pretty cool game. I felt like the ending fell a little flat. Would love to see more from it though guys! :D

Definitely see the "Getting Over It" inspiration. The fact this was made in such a short time though and looks and plays this good, is incredible!
Managed to complete it too which I'm very proud about!
Oh and... I broke it too (Note to developer, see video) :P

Was rather amusing and fun to play! Wish there was more to it but enjoyed it still! Love his little hand! haha!

Loved the game! Great little concept! Would have liked it to be a lot longer though but it was clever and entertaining! :) 

I love this dude! Giving you all my support and hope you continue to work on it and make more of it for me to play! :D 

Can definitely see the inspiration from Limbo! Loved this! Cute as hell!

I enjoyed playing the demo of Super Blast Off. It was cute and the artwork is stunning. Really well made in that aspect.
The gameplay I found to be a little tedious at times. Especially the combat and the fact that you go back to ROUND 1 everytime you die is way too much work to get back to where you were. The procedural element is nice but does need some work as sometimes I would start a level with 3 enemies firing at me and other times there were none. Great effort guys and I'm looking forward to seeing how the game progresses

Hey guys. Loved the game! Very creepy!


Cannot wait for chapter 3!! This Friday!! :D 
Feast your eyes on chapter 1 and 2 while you wait!

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It's hard work saving all the potato people but someone has to do it, right?!

One of the most innovative, creative and genuinely FUN games I have ever played! I need more! :D 

Chapter 2 is awesome! :D

Chapter 2 is awesome! :D

Chapter 2 was awesome! Bring on Chapter 3! :D

Chapter 2 is Awesome!! :D

Chapter 2 was awesome! Can't wait for Chapter 3 Now! :D

Chapter 2 is Awesome! :D Can't wait for chapter 3!

Chapter 2 was awesome! :D Wish it was longer though! :(

Love this game! Can't wait to see it develop more! :D