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Bonnie Kiwi

A member registered Nov 12, 2016

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Can definitely see the inspiration from Limbo! Loved this! Cute as hell!

I enjoyed playing the demo of Super Blast Off. It was cute and the artwork is stunning. Really well made in that aspect.
The gameplay I found to be a little tedious at times. Especially the combat and the fact that you go back to ROUND 1 everytime you die is way too much work to get back to where you were. The procedural element is nice but does need some work as sometimes I would start a level with 3 enemies firing at me and other times there were none. Great effort guys and I'm looking forward to seeing how the game progresses

Hey guys. Loved the game! Very creepy!

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It's hard work saving all the potato people but someone has to do it, right?!

One of the most innovative, creative and genuinely FUN games I have ever played! I need more! :D 


Love this game! Can't wait to see it develop more! :D

Part 2 is here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqRwnQMLelo

Ok, so, yeah. I'm an idiot. Awesome game, though!


Created a new topic This game is REALLY Unfair!!

I made a video playing this game if anyone wants a closer look at how it plays. It's A LOT of fun! :P