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Hey! We are currently looking into an option for Keyboard and mouse controls. 

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Hey! Thanks for playing, really liked the video.

Hope you get a chance to beat the game ;)

Thanks, we are very proud of the name ;)

Also thanks thanks for playing! :)

Thank you for playing , we are looking into a linux port in the future.

Hey, we are looking in to making the game available for mouse and keyboard, but for now you need a gamepad to play.

Thanks for downloading anyway, sorry you couldn't play ;)

Thank you for you feedback and for playing the game, it was really fun to watch your playthrough video, we are really glad you like the game, and hope to bring you some more levels to play in the future.

We all hope you get to smash that bird in the end so keep playing ;)

Thanks again for playing!

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Thank you for playing the game and making a video, it was really fun to watch.
To bad you didn’t finish the game since you were literarily one jump from the finish ;)

We really like the feedback and will keep it in mind when we continue working on the game.
We plan to make more levels and add more elements to use, also we plan on making the enemiestake damage from the element-charges.

Again thanks you for playing !