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Bonez Playtime

A member registered May 03, 2019

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Great Atmosphere! Very impressive game!

I love the fact that this game as multiple endings! Replay value immediately goes up especially when it is an interesting game! Loved the art style! Very well done!

Loved the atmosphere of this game! Very well done!

Such a surprisingly scary game! Very much enjoyed my play through!

I have  been looking for a good horror for this month and finally I have found one worth playing! Looking forward to the full release of the game! Great job!

Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with this game! Nice job on this game! very much enjoyed it!

Definitely a fun game! As of making this video I had no idea a full game was on steam!

Enjoyed the game! 

Very much enjoyed the puzzles in this game! Was a lot of fun!

Well done on the game! Very nice sudden change of tone! Enjoyed this one!

No thank you! your game has given my channel more exposure than any other game I have played! I am very grateful for that! Keep up the great work Lixian!!(:

Definitely a twist on the horror genre! Had a good time with this goofy game!

Really enjoyed this game! Lixian you did a great job! Looking forward to more from you!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game! Very much looking forward to the release of the game! Keep me posted!

Much like the others wish it was longer. Had a really good atmosphere and enjoyed it for what it was!

Definitely the most outrageous... ridiculous... baffling game ever.... That being said... Definitely waiting for a full release! It was a great time! 

Very much enjoyed this game! I can tell a lot of effort was put into this demo and it was worth it! Definitely willing to play it with the full release!

Not a bad concept! Looking forward to more in the release!

Nice little Demo! Looking forward to the release of the game!

Very  interesting game. Not at all what I was expecting!

Not a bad Demo! Would like to see this finished project. Nice little jump scares and like the idea of switching worlds! 

Really enjoyed this game! Just wished there was more to it! This game is in the first part of the video!

not a bad game by any means! Just had a hard time finding gum lol. It is the second game in the video!

Very charming game! Had a lot of fun! First game in this video!

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Fun and simple game. Part of my journey to 100 subs.. Apparently, I live a BAD life lol

Had a great jump scare in it! Looking forward to the full release if it ever comes out! 

Great Demo!! Can't wait for the full release!! 

At times it was calm.... Other times it is super stressful when I didn't expect it..  Wish i had paid more attention during my play through! Good Game though! 

Very nice game! Definitely different than what I as expecting!