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I have explored the rest of the demo, ignored the door, and reached the end of the demo meaning the door is probably optional

When you hold shift while launching the game, a configuration screen appears. Then you can change the resolution if needed. If it still lags even in windowed, it's your problem.

It could probably be a problem on your end

I like this mod. Also, somehow I used 1st Prize to clip out of bounds and I found a somewhat corrupted version of the original school. I also managed to get more notebooks there. Was that added on purpose?

He said the "demo" will not be on mobile

Ok, for some reason, I edited the wave animation, but some of the frames didn't show up.

Ok, I found a fix for the fatal error. It probably has something to do with the 64 bit version or maybe an extracting error when using 7zip. So for those getting that fatal error, try the 32 bit version. And if that doesn't work, hopefully the dev will find a fix.

This may or may not be possible,  but will there be any ports of the game besides PC?