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Forgot to comment! This was a spectacular game! I love your art style and the story, they mesh so well together!

Ahhh! This was so much fun to watch! (also it's so wild to me that there were thirty full minutes of gameplay, I didn't realize how far I'd actually come lol) I was laughing so hard in the tent. You did exactly what I hoped a player would do: ie, accidentally touch the piggy bank and freak out 😅😂 Also, Supernatural? What? Pssssh never heard of that ever, definitely haven't seen every episode except the last two that we don't talk about >.>
It's so cool to watch y'all play my games. I get to see how people who don't know where everything is naturally decide where to go, and it helps me adjust things and find bugs I never though to even look for, so thank you! It really does help a lot :D Also just a fun little factoid that I'm personally excited about: I do have a music contract worked out with a band for this game, so there will be a soundtrack! 🤩
Also also, the Rauko Alokiel character is absolutely based off a friend of mine, and they thoroughly enjoyed listening to you guys voice them!

Yeah so that's kind of a weird Twine bug I've run into before, too. Unfortunately, the only way I know of around it is to reopen the game in an incognito tab 😬

Thank you so much!

oh I went into it expecting really cutting angst (and maybe I just made choices where that didn't happen) but that was so SWEET my H E A R T. Gosh I love the use of visuals in this game, I can't even explain. I feel seen. Just. 10/10. I love this.

I've already played this game (a few times) but it still never fails to give me chills. The way you use audio is [chef's kiss] perfect. Horrifyingly unsettling, 10/10, will play again

it feels like thinking through cheese wire

As always I LOVED watching you guys play through the game! Also the Fluttershy in the corner was so cute XD Merry Christmas to you guys as well! I'll be putting up a demo here soon for a full game I'm working on called "There's An Asteroid Coming!" so keep an eye out for that :D Thank you guys for your continued support, I really can't express how much it means to me <3

very nice!!!

ahhhh! thank you so much!!!

That's honestly super awesome to hear. Thank you so much!


I really loved watching this video. It's nice to know that even thoughts we're a bit scared to share can really hit home for others as well. As always, thank you for playing my games and always being so supportive of me <3 y'all are the best

Ha! Thanks! Nothing is scarier than customers

AHhh! Thank you! (sorry for the delayed response, things have been-- well, as things are, I suppose!) The relevance of this game just increases as time goes on lol

THANK YOU! I work retail too, only we don't even HAVE a back, yet customers still insist XD


First off, I love when games use a different noun than game. Like this one uses "torture", that's awesome XD
Also, that was so cool! I wasn't sure what to expect, and it looped once and I was like "okay we're still headed somewhere". Then it looped again and I was like, "Um.....". Then it kept going and I was like "OH MY GOSH, IT'S AN ENDLESS LOOP". Love it! (It IS endless, right? I didn't just give up too quickly? LOL )

Hey thank you! Yeah, it was not intentional but I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it. But don't worry; the contract didn't actually have real letters on it LOL

And honestly? Pinterest

Hey thank you so much! BTW, if you type "1P58", there are a few more rooms ;)

And hmm, which browser were you using?


I realllllyyyyy love watching your playthroughs. Thanks for all the wonderful comments <3 btw, that voice actor was me! At least like, half the time LOL

Also, it's kind of funny that Twitch thought my radio filter was copyrighted content XD

Aww, thank you <3 I'm glad you liked it!

How did I just see this lmao thank you so much!

Awesome game! Runners are always fun, and the style is so consistent and the environments are cool and creative! :D

Tip for MacOS users trying to download through Safari (instead of the app)

Download via safari, find app in Finder, right-click and choose "show package contents". Navigate until you see the "MacOS" folder, then right-click and choose "Open terminal in folder". Type "chmod +x runnnnn" (without quotes) and hit enter. Go back to the app in finder, right click and hit open. Ouila!

This is not an alakay-tlee problem. This is a MacOS problem for every app downloaded through safari. This will work for every app as well, as long as you change "runnnnn" to whatever the file name inside the folder is :)

Like I said, wonderful game! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations :D

Very cool! Somewhere between relaxing and unnerving!

Super cool! It felt like a fun mix between classic horror and adventure cryptozoology. The style really added something to it, too. The graphics just leave more to the imagination, which makes it all the scarier :D

As always, fantastic work! It's very poetic, and I really enjoyed how you incorporated the words into the images. It told a story without being direct, and every element blended seamlessly with the next.

Ah, there is a simple answer!

You can't yet. Sorry. You can just read the stuff and interact. If you're still in the first room, there's a code printed somewhere. Just type it in and it'll auto-progress

Oh man, that game was like... too real. Too much like real life. It made me grit my teeth to make the answers that would get me to the end of the game. Yeah, fuck megacorporations! You go, my dude!

Damn, that was... real

Super awesome graveyard sim! I really appreciated the textures and the subtle motion of the swing :)

Yes, that's all I got for right now. Thank you so much for playing this! I'm slowly learning more stuff to incorporate, like being able to sign :)

Ah thank you! Yeah I just completely forgot to hit loop lol

Huh, good to know. I'll look into that. Thank you so much for letting me know!

Oh hell, no that's not supposed to happen. What platform are you on? After the initial black screen, it should auto-send you into a cabin setting

Ha! That's honestly a huge accomplishment XD Thank you!!!!

It is an intro, but there's a 4digit code that opens the bookshelf. It's in the room somewhere, I promise! You just gotta type it in
*adds "put a keypad in the bookshelf" to my to-fix list*

Oh my gosh yes. There's still stuff I wanna do with this game, and atmosphere is definitely on my list. (There's also a romantic ending I want the screen to slowly change from black to pink for... lol)

(Those are super good run-throughs then! Most people get killed one way or another XD )