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are you available for commissions?

These look great! Are they 8 direction characters?

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to try it out and give me some feedback. If you're looking for a fast paced action game then this is most definetely not for you. I appreciate that other idle clickers move at different paces, some faster and some slower than this one. I personally like the ones that require patience. 

I've never really seen this as a game, but more of a work companion who works while you work, and every few hours you can check on it and see if you can upgrade, more like a tamogotchi or something. It's definetely not a game that you will be staring at waiting for it to earn enough to do an upgrade.

Try leaving it on overnight or in the background on either a second screen, tablet or a new browser window, then after a few hours, give it a look. You never know, the patience and perseverence might end up being worth it. Maybe not. Never the less, thanks again for your feedback and giving it a go. Take care!

Hey! Thanks for your feedback! So at the moment the different type of ore is based on your distance, but I really like the idea that certain upgrades raise your chances of getting the high value ore. Another idea is that you can buy "Permits" for other mines, which have higher value blocks and so on, but the permit would run out after X amount of blocks. Any other ideas or feedback, let me know!

Also, in terms of the second tab thing, yeah, I'm not sure if its an itch thing, but you can run it in a new window so it works in the background, I will be uploading a windows and mac build soon, so you can just run it natively, only issue will be you will be starting again. I might try and do a migrate save thing.

Thanks for your feedback. I designed the game to be a really long play, so wanted the first upgrade to take a while, but its interesting to hear you think it should be sooner. I might look at implementing maybe a few extra upgrades that could be a lot cheaper, like 200 coins or something. They would have less effect on the stats of the robot but would allow you to do something a bit quicker. 

It's about half an hour. Do you think the first few upgrades should be cheaper?

As always, awesome work!

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks because this set is awesome. I've used it in my new game Blockels.It's still very much in development but i'd love to know what you think.

Love your work!

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for making this. It's brilliant. I've used it in my game. You can check it out here.


Let me know what you think!