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ciao Stefano sono Stefano di Wenudu , ultimamente gli archivi di alcuni dei tuoi giochi sono bloccati dall'antivirus di windows che li identifica come minaccia grave, immagino che sia un falso positivo, ma a meno che non si disabiliti l'antivirus non c'è verso di far partire il gioco o di mantenere l'archivio scaricato.

Very Nice!!....quiet challenging but I managed to finish it

i really love this game because has some new spooky ideas like the flying doll and Nun, really love this style. infact i wanted to make it even more spooky and i added some vhs effects. hope you don't mind.

wow! fantastic as usual, immersive atmosphere and top graphics

wow i love the atmosphere, awesome graphics. Only one thing i didn't understand, why the ai voice? it breaks the atmosphere.

like i said, love the graphics, thank you for this gem. One thing(bug) that i found. Be careful with the Auto exposure feature (eye adaptation to light) in UE5 in some dark rooms it gets completely dark.

wow i'm impressed by the graphics of this demo, but i'd really like to see a full game based on this king of graphics.

wow, the Bodycam effect with unreal engine is Awesome. The mini game is already very nice but can you imagine If you add some other monsters and give the pistol to the cop....
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ok it's a short one but the atmosphere is incredible it's like being in the movie Matrix Revolutions.


Perchè non lo fai anche per VR? magari un po più lungo con diversi livelli, con più o meno sentinelle a seconda della difficoltà. io lo comprerei subito.

wow i discovered your games just a couple of days ago but it doesn't matter because they always look like next-gen

Awesome graphics and atmosphere super immersive. I discovered your video games only today, but now I'm downloading all of them.

Another free little gem made with Unreal Engine. Great atmosphere, nice animations. Easy one, just kill the Terminator, short but very satisfying.

Amazing! for many reasons. First of all this is another free game that should be paid. It's only 165MB and has this grate graphics that looks so realistic. This is really impressive.


Grande Stefano, immagino tu sia italiano come me, continua così, ottimo lavoro.

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I love this game, very immersive and the graphics is awesome.

Beautiful game even if I didn't understand if all the scrambled words are correct, plus , i am not a native English speaker, so it is even more difficult

also the updated one is not working for me, i only see the first screen with the options, quit and start buttons.  if i press the start button it goes black screen for 10 seconds and it crash.

Love it even if the ending could have been better.... yes, I understand you were in a hurry to go to the bathroom

WoW This Game is Awesome, The Graphics... Amazing, and who is that girl inside the cave? beautiful, ahahah.. nice work thank you.

Nice Game, also quite challenging at least for me.

ahahaha i made it.......i was lucky

hello thanks for the game i really enjoy wandering through landscape like this, the graphic looks super realistic.