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Ooh I love the look of those d100 tables!  For some reason I keep finding myself gravitating toward big tables of adjectives (I constantly need to know things like "What does this cool new item look like?" and "So we found some kind of building in the wilderness, but what is it?") and the one included here will give a big boost to my collection. 😃

And the subject/topic table is great for "What does the NPC talk about?" and "What's written in the letter?" or "What does the inscription say?"

Thanks for the great resource!

👀👀 HELLO??  I LOVE THIS???!?  I only just bought it and haven't actually played yet, but I am LOVING what I'm reading in the rules.  There is a similar game I know of called "6x6 Tales" which has been my favorite game to play while traveling (now I have this game to fill that purpose, too!) - is it perhaps an inspiration?  (Both games are great ofc and fill different niches as well; 6x6 has kind of a typical D&D-ish sort of setting while Wonderfall is more cute & uplifting~)

I found what I think is a typo: in the blurb on the cover of the pamphlet, it says "but you are resourceful Wanderer" - it is maybe supposed to say "you are a resourceful Wanderer" or perhaps "you are THE resourceful Wanderer," if we're alone in this endeavor. 😅

And as just one last thing, apologies for being That Person but a printer-friendly black-and-white version of the pages would be splendid. 😊

Hi!  This is a great scenario that I enjoyed reading very much. n_n  I liked that even the minor quests you would encounter in the beginning (finding lost sheep and things) would lead the players toward discovering clues of the bigger event that's happening (the discovery that they would make on the summit where the sheep can be found).

I found a minor typo that I thought I should point out!  On page 21, where there is an abbreviated version of the character creation process, step 7 begins with, "Each player a different character..."  I think it probably is meant to say "Each player chooses a different character..." like step 6 does.

Thanks for creating this scenario and making it available! n_n

This is so much more positive and wholesome than The Game.  (Sorry for mentioning The Game. ._.)

I adore this, it's so simple and cute!  Wanted to let you know that I used it as sort of a minigame in the main solo rpg I'm playing rn.  (The Magical Year of a Teenage Witch here on itch.)  The fish rarity table and value chart was perfect for a summer day spent fishing with some magical friends!

FLEXING COMPETITION this sounds NUTS in the best way.

It's on sale but I wanted to give you the full price for it because this game is like a dream come true for me and you deserve it. (ง’̀-‘́)ง

I'm in love already just for the pretty color palette and the character art!! 😭💦💦

I just downloaded this game, completely falling in love with the visual style at first sight~

I hope to give more money after I check it out and play for a bit. ✨💫

This is soooo cute and sweet!

My first favorite discovery is the cute swirly snail!  I am curious to know if it is moving to anywhere in particular?  (Since I saw that it is moving by a veeeerrrry tiny amount as I watched, lol!)

And then, I liked seeing the floating butterfly at the back of the hose, which I thought was a mysterious emblem of some sort until I made more sense of its shape. c: