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Oh, good question! — it’s WebGL so it only runs in desktop browsers. Best results with Chrome or Firefox. It may or may not run on Safari, depending on OS version... 

Thanks for the feedback, and glad you enjoyed it.

PS -- you are correct -- mention of the keys for zooming in and out was omitted in the help text. This will be corrected in 0.1.9! (Thanks)

Thank you very much for taking the time to post your thoughts in detail. I am especially grateful for your feedback on the level of detail and difficulty -- these are aspects that I often am left guessing at as to how far to go.

As for your ideas for improvements & new features -- the symmetry feature has been suggested before, so that's something I'll have to seriously consider. I don't know if you discovered it, but a primary thought behind the 2D views in the paint studio is to offer some help in this regard (although it is still a manual process). The idea of having multiple models at once in the photo studio has occurred to me as a future feature :) In the meantime -- if you have some photoshop skills, creating multiple screen shots using the same backdrop and settings would allow you to fairly easily compost up a squadron. The cloning off the shelf idea is interesting -- I will stew a bit on that.  The export idea is also  an interesting one, something, that again, I'll have to give more thought to.



Thanks for reminding me about this -- I'll add making the directory  easier to find to the list.

On OSX, screen shots go into

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/com.whateverdevelopsllc.aip2/screenshots



Hi Scribibble1!

First off, thank you so much for the support.

Second -- thank you very much for taking the time to offer your thoughts on how to improve this.  I hadn't thought of a "one shot" spray-it-all, but it's certainly doable -- I will consider it.

Zoom/ In and out is possible using plus and minus keys works in construction steps. (Or am I missing something?)

Regarding rotation -- you are correct -- the model is on a virtual turntableand it's that that rotates -- but now the you point that out... I wonder why I built it that way?  Lol.  I will definitely revisit this -- having the model camera rotate around the center of projection would be much more intuitive and less clumsy.

Sopwith Triplane would make an interesting subject! 

Thanks again,


Thanks buddy -- EarthX caught my eye -- looks really cool.

I think you can talk about whatever you want :) 

Nice work, keep going...

This is the place to discuss Aircraft in Pixels. Feature requests, gripes, flowers, etc all welcome here. Let's keep it civil, and please remember -- I have a day job! This project is my passion but from time to time I do have to make a little hay :)


Bo Monroe