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I actually had a lot of fun playing it :D I love these types of games, you can expand this quite a lot.. Good work!!

Solved everything up to "The Caeser says slhzo" .... No clue what to do next

But I had fun,,, GoodJob :DD

Yeah, same happend to me.. I would love to rate it but can't play it...

I remember reading somewhere that you can only build it on mac.. But I'll definetely try it out..

If it works, it will be posted tonight!

I am so sorry, I would love to do that.. But I'm unable cause we don't own a Mac, 

I will try my best to find a mac computer so I can build it for you, and all other users on that platform, Please be patient, I will let you know when it's done

Thank you for your comment, and for reminding me!!! Cheers

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Thank you so much for answering

I was going crazy, since I haven't recieved any confirmation... 

But just now I went trough all submissions and thankfully found my game..

It actually was submited, But I didn't know it was..

When I clicked on submit It only had listed my old project on not this one..

Thank you anyway

so I clicked on submit project.. And created the whole thing on and I can't link it with game jam..

There are 17 mins left, and I don't know what to do.. I'll just post the link to it here in hope it will be recognised

Thank you in advance